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Maharashtra Nursing Council Online Registration

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Organisation : Maharashtra Nursing Council MNC
Facility : Online Registration

Online Registration Form here :
Home Page :

Online Registration :

The Online Registration System for Maharashtra will be started from 1st March 2016.

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Maharashtra Nursing Council Online Enrollment System :

Steps for Online Application :
Step 1 : Request SUID
Step 2 : Create Online Account using SUID
Step 3 : Deposit Application Fee in Bank (“Bank Of Baroda” “Account No 20070100009948”) or Pay Online using Debit/Credit Card
Step 4 : Fill up Online Application
Step 5 : Check Application Status Online
Step 6 : Save Time & Money
Step 1 : Request SUID:
1) Click on Student Login (on Home Page)
2) Click on Request SUID Menu (In case you have not got it from your Institute)
3) Fill up the Required Details (Your Registration Number as per your Registration Certificate)
4) SUID will be mail to you on the E-mail provided by you in SUID Request Form

Step 2 : Process to Create Online Account: (Student must have his / her own account for Online Application Process)
1) Once you received Email about SUID
2) Click on Student Login( on Home Page), Login Page will be displayed
3) Click on New User (below Submit button)
4) Enter Your SUID and Password details
5) Once your Account is Created Successfully, Student Login Page will open.
6) Enter SUID as User Name and Password set while creating your Account and submit

Step 3 : Deposit Application Fee in Bank or Pay Online using Debit/Credit Card
1) Check the Fee Structure given on MNC website to know correct Application Fee
2) Deposit the Fee amount to nearest Bank Of Baroda Branch (“Bank Of Baroda” “Account No 20070100009948”) (Don’t forget to collect the slip having Bank Transaction Number)
3) Pay your Fees online using Debit or Credit Card while filling Application Form as stated in Step 4

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Step 4 : Fill up Online Application (Renewal/Registration)
1) Click on the Student Login (on Home Page)
2) Login with your Username and Password
3) Once logged in, Student Account Summary will be displayed with your Online Application Status (if any).
4) To Send new Application – Click on New Application in menu
5) Select Desired Application and click on click on Proceed
a. Renewal
b. Registration
c. Etc.
6) Fill up the Required Details (Present Address, Employment Details etc)
7) Enter Valid Registration Number (Provided by MNC at the time of Registration)
8) In case of Bank Payment Enter the Correct Bank Transaction Number
9) In case of online payment use your Debit / Credit Card as per the instructions provided during Payment process (step 5)
10) After submitting the Application you will receive a message (Your Application is submitted successfully).
11) Then Attach the Required Documents
a. Click on Attach Button in Documents table
b. A document upload window will open
c. To Upload Click on browse (file type must be .pdf / .doc /.docx / .jpg)
d. Select file and click on Save
e. Your Document will get Uploaded

Step 5 : Online Payment Process
1) Select online payment option in your New Application Page and Click Submit & Pay.
2) Go to student Account page, check your Application status.
3) Click on Pay online button.
4) You will be then redirected to Bank of Baroda’s Online Payment page.
a. Select appropriate Card type ( you must have either VISA or MASTER card)
b. Enter your Name as mentioned on the card
c. Enter your 3 digit security code as provided on the backside of your card
d. Then the Online portal will guide you for further Payment process
e. After Successful Payment, You will receive a Transaction ID.
f. Please note down this Transaction ID for future reference.

Step 6 : Check Application Status Online
1) Login with your User Name and Password
2) Go to Student Account Menu
3) You’ll get all the details and status of your Application
a. Once the application is Approved by MNC you will be able to Print Payment receipt online (Application approval process will take approximate 48 hrs after submission)
4) Students who are applying for Renewal :
a. You will get Renewal Slip and Renewal Form copy online just after allotment process is completed from MNC
b. Students are must attach the renewal slip on the backside of their Registration Certificate
c. And also required to send the Renewal Form (Signed by student) to MNC

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  1. I have been finished with my smart card payment but I am not able to pay my registration fee it is showing 3 attempts completed. S I can’t make the payment please guide me.

  2. I have completed my registration renewal procedure but I have not got my renewal slip. So what do I have to do?

  3. I finished my smart card & renewal process & got receipt. Download procedure is also done. Now I want to get my renewal slip. Please guide me to get it.

    1. I have done my renewal procedure now I am not getting my renewal slip it showing final approval is pending. How do I get my slip?

  4. I wanted to do verification(found true & correct) of the diploma/certificate from Maharashtra nursing council kindly guide me for the same.

  5. Last time I had done online renewal my diploma. That time I used only SUID and Password. But now I have option for user name. I forgot my user name. So , how can I make new user name for online renewal of diploma. Kindly suggest. My SUID number is 190006440.

  6. I have applied for smart card but I cannot see my profile and my photo. What should I have to do? I called the office but nobody is answering.

  7. I have already applied for smart card. But next procedure doesn’t open. It will suggest to apply smart card. What can I do?

  8. I am getting an error while applying for pan card. I am unable to click on pay now. The error is the HTTP service located at is unavailable. This could be because the service is too busy or because no endpoint was found listening at the specified address. Please ensure that the address is correct and try accessing the service again later. Does anyone know anything about this matter?

    1. My registration number is XVIII-47566. I have lost my SUID Number and Password. How can I recover it?

  9. I have done my additional qualifications of PBBSC nursing 4 months back but there is no reply after so many days.

  10. I am from Pravara institute of medical sciences Loni. I completed my Master of science in obstetrics and gynecology. I applied for additional qualification registration. I did not get user ID number but the user name and password are showing invalid. So what can I do and even I try for new additional qualifications registration. It is also not accepted. So what can I do?

  11. I also completed all my document scanning online registration process. But why not getting my registration no? Please verify all my document & send my reg no.

  12. I had applied for the renewal of registration on 26th September. I did not get any reply. How long will it take? Please let me know.

  13. I had already registered my degree B.Sc. But till now I didn’t get my registration certificate. What should I do? I am in need of certificate.

  14. I am doing registration for my relative. I have created account and also uploaded the documents. One of the documents got rejected. So I am again trying to log into account to upload correct document but it says wrong id, password combination. How will I do further procedure?

  15. My name is Saramma Abraham. I have passed my GNM from Jaipurm (Rajasthan) in 2006 and completed my PBBsc from Kolhapur (Maharashtra)in 2015. I want to transfer my registration from RNC to MNC and add my additional qualification in MNC through online. What are the process?

  16. I have done Karnataka nursing council registration but I want to transfer this as MNC registration. How can I do this?

  17. I have applied for registration renewal on 10/7/2015. I had wrongly entered the course name as B.Sc nursing instead of general nursing,BTN 190042987106062016121806. SO HOW CAN I CHANGE THE COURSE NAME?

  18. I have already done with Mnc registration in 1/6/15. My registration no is 141783. But I haven’t received my original Mnc registration copy till now. What formality I should do?

    1. I am in the same boat like you. My registration is expired in 2007. Please say me if you have any clue to renew the certificate.

  19. I am staying in Chennai.
    I have my Migration certificate-application approved on 26/03/2016.
    My application number is 201601656.
    But I am unable to pay the fees online Because I am getting an error from your payment website.

    ERROR: ” Object reference not set to an instance of an object. ”

    My payment details are..
    Payment Token : 1436
    Application No / Invoice No : 201601656
    Application / Invoice Date : 26/03/2016
    Due Date : 01/01/1900

    Kindly help me to make an online payment or guide me for an alternative way to pat the fee.

  20. Mr.or Mrs of this particular person taking responsible for registration. We would like to know how to get the SUID no. We will be looking forward to get the appropriate answer.

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