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Organisation : Department of Panchayati Raj & Drinking (Rural Housing Odisha)
Scheme Name : Mo Ghara (Government Housing Assistance in Rural Areas) Scheme
Applicable For : All the households staying in rural Odisha
Applicable State/UT : Odisha
Website :

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What is Mo Ghara Scheme?

Mo Ghara (Government Housing Assistance in Rural Areas) Scheme is offered by Department of Panchayati Raj & Drinking (Rural Housing Odisha). The objective of the scheme is to fulfill the aspiration of lower and lower middle class households for construction / up-gradation / extension / completion of their houses through housing loan. The family sanctioned with house under any Government Rural Housing Scheme will be eligible provided that family has not availed housing assistance of Rs.70,000/- or above.

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Eligibility of Mo Ghara Scheme

a) The family staying either in kutcha house or in 1 room pucca house with RCC roof.
b) The family which has not availed Govt. housing assistance earlier or availed housing assistance of below Rs.70,000/-.
c) If the income of the family per month is below Rs.25,000/-.
d) The family not in possession of a non-commercial motorized Four- Wheeler.
e) Household with any member neither a regular Government / PSU employee nor drawing a monthly pension for the service period from Government / PSU
f) The family in ownership of less than 5 acres of irrigated land or 15 acres of non-irrigated land

Implementation Process of Mo Ghara Scheme

1. There will be a dedicated website for the purpose of receiving applications.
2. The interested households can apply online for availing credit linkage in the form mentioned at Annexure-A (available online at
3. The services of Mo-Seva Kendra may be utilized by the applicant for filling of the application and for tracking the status of loan application.
4. On receipt of the application form, concerned BDO will verify the eligibility of the applicant as per the checklist mentioned at Annexure-B and upload the findings in the dedicated web portal.
5. The existing house and proposed construction site will be geo-tagged by block functionaries through “Ama Ghara” Mobile App.
6. Block will facilitate the applicant in preparing the plan and estimate. The J.E. in charge of the concerned GP will prepare the plan and estimate as per the standard mentioned at Annexure-C in consultation with the applicant. The applicant may take the help of any other competent person in preparing her / his plan and estimate.
7. BDO/AEE are declared as approving authority for approval of the plan and estimate under this Scheme.
8. Block will upload the approved plan and estimate in the web portal prior to sponsoring application to bank.
9. BDO will sponsor the eligible applications online to the bank and branch preferred by the applicants.
10. After sponsoring of applications, the concerned bank will verify the required original documents, may conduct field verification and will obtain opinion from legal consultant.
11. The eligible applicant will be sanctioned loan by the bank. Time taken by the banks for sanction of loan in favour of eligible applicant shall under no circumstances be more than 30 working days from the date of sponsoring by Block.
12. The expenditure incurred for legal consultation maximum @ Rs. 1000 per consultation will be reimbursed to the bank. For this purpose banks will submit a request to Nodal Bank through the portal after completing the sanctioning process. Banks will not charge any legal consultation fee from the applicants.
13. Banks will also waive the processing fee for sanction of loan.
14. The applicant will mortgage the land proposed for construction/ up-gradation / extension/ completion with the bank and register the same at the concerned Sub- Registrar Office.
15. Government through appropriate Notification will waive the stamp duty and registration fee for registration of mortgage under this scheme.
16. The applicant will invest a minimum 10% of loan amount as margin money in the shape of cash or kind or labour which will be verified by the bank. This can be done in phases depending upon the release of loan instalment.
17. The bank will disburse the loan amount after sanction, registration of mortgage and margin money investment by the applic

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