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Organisation : Registration Department, Govt. of Kerala
Facility : Online Document Details Entry User Registration

Registration here :
Website :

Online Document Details Entry :

The first step in Online Document Details Entry Process is to create the Username and Password for the user. To create a login go to ‘’ and, click on ‘Online Application’ link.

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for submitting an application, click the “Online Application” link in the home page Now, click on Online Document Details Entry- User Registration ‘ at the middle of the screen
‘New User’ option given at the top portion of the screen

Three types of users can submit the document, viz Advocates, Doc.Writers and Others New User Registration
After successful registration the user will get a message as shown below.
Click on the button ‘Log In’ to login
Forget Password
On login, user will get the page for navigation.

Steps for submitting application for document registration are :
** Selection of available time slot (Token)
** Enter Presentation details, Document details, Claimant details etc
** Submit the application and get the acknowledgement slip.
** Search For Available Token

Search for available token includes searching and selecting convenient timeslot for presenting document in Sub Registrar office. After filling mandatory fields click on ‘View Token’. The list will give timeslots from the day before and after the selected date. Choose one available slot and click on it.

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Now, Transaction type Selection window will appear. In this window choose appropriate transaction type carefully, since it can’t be modify later. After selecting the transaction type click on ‘Submit’ button.

Presentation Details :
Presentation details include details of the person presenting the document and other important details. Starred(*) fields are mandatory. Local boy type, Document Amount and No. of filing sheet should be given correctly. Fees and Stamp duty will differ according to the given data. The validation in the form will differ according to the transaction type.

After successful submission of Presentation Details, the data entry can be continued by entering the previous document details OR You can continue the entry at ANY TIME as the token will be listed out in ‘My Token’ window.’

Click on the ‘View’ button, the presentation details will appear. Necessary editing can be done . We can proceed to the next form ‘Previous Document Details’ by clicking ‘Next’ button in the ‘Presentation Details’.

Previous Document Details :
Previous document details used to store PR details of the document to be registered. After saving correct PR details, the Executant Details will be stored automatically.

Claimant Details :
Enter the Claimant details(buyer’s details) here. The added claimant will be displayed just below the form. ‘Edit’ button can be used to edit the claimant details. Claimant details entry is mandatory.

Executants Details :
Enter Executants details(seller’s details). The added Executants will be displayed just below the form. The ‘Edit’ button can be used to edit the Executants details. Power of Attorney details can be entered by clicking ‘Power of Attorney’ check box. The Executants details entry is mandatory.

Property Details :
Enter the details of property here. At least one of the transactions should be same as the transaction code in the presentation details. If the property is having well or building, then tick ‘Yes’ on corresponding fields. The added Property will be displayed just below the form. The ‘Edit’ button can be used to edit the Property details.

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