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Organisation : Export Inspection Council
Facility : Post Verification System

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Post Verification System :

Please enter any one of the below asked information to know the status of Certificate of Origin issued from Export Inspection Agencies and its Sub Offices

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** Enter Transaction ID OR CoO Number
** Click Submit Button

Transaction Id: Unique number written in pencil / pen in the white margin of the certificate
CoO Number: Reference number printed in the right hand corner column of the certificate
For example: Reference number – EI12345….
* Please note that the system displays the data of a certificate issued during last 3 years

EIC is an advisory body to the Central Government, which is empowered under the Act to:
** Notify commodities which will be subject to quality control and/ or inspection prior to export,
** Establish standards of quality for such notified commodities, and
** Specify the type of quality control and / or inspection to be applied to such commodities.

** Besides its advisory role, the Export Inspection Council, also exercises technical and administrative control over the five Export Inspection Agencies (EIAs), one each at Channai, Delhi, Kochi, Kolkata and Mumbai established by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, under Section 7 of the Act for the purpose of implementing the various measures and policies formulated by the Export Inspection Council of India.
** Export Inspection Council, either directly or through Export Inspection Agencies, its field organisation renders services in the areas of
** Certification of quality of export commodities through installation of quality assurance systems (In-process Quality Control and Self Certification) in the exporting units as well as consignment wise inspection.
** Certification of quality of food items for export through installation of Food safety Management System in the food processing units.
** Issue of Certificates of origin to exporters under various preferential tariff schemes for export products.

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