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Organisation : Export Inspection Council
Facility : Pre-Shipment Inspection Scheme

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Pre-Shipment Inspection Scheme :

** Basmati Rice
** Black Pepper

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** Egg Products
** Fish & Fishery Products
** Honey
** Milk Products
** Processed food products containing Red Chillies

Procedure of Inspection :
** The processor will ensure that each package is duly affixed with EIC Labels.
** On receipt of the intimation for inspection, the Export Inspection Agency will get the consignment examined.
** For the purpose of such examination representative samples will be drawn from each lot offered for inspection.
** A lot in this context will mean total number of packages of the same variety and grade offered for inspection under the intimation.
** If the number of packages under a particular variety and grade in an intimation exceed 400 packages , the same shall be split into lots not exceeding 400 packages for the purpose of sampling.
** If the consignment on physical verification is not in conformity with the declaration made by the Exporter, the consignment will be rejected and a rejection letter will be issued.
** For such rejection, the fee shall be forfeited by the exporter.

For the purpose of drawing representative samples, the Agency officer will select packages according to the scale given below:
No. of packages in the lot | No. of packages to be sampled :
1 to 5 All packages
Over 5 Square root of the number of packages to the nearest whole number subject to minimum of 5.

** In the case of consumer pack consignments meant for export to USA, the following sampling procedure will be adopted.
** The number of master packages to be selected will be the square root of the total number of master packages in the lot.

** The primary packages to be selected from master packages will be minimum one from each master package subject to the number of primary packages being increased in such a way that the quantum of sample drawn for analysis should not be less than 10 sub samples of 454 gms. each in the case of whole pepper and 10 sub samples of 200 gms. each in the case of ground pepper.

** For consignment meant for other destination, the number of primary packages selected will be minimum one from each master packages subject to the number of primary package being increased in such a way the quantum of samples drawn for analysis should not be less than 500 gms. In the case of ground pepper.

** If the lot after analysis of the sample is not conforming to the requirements, the lot will be rejected and the labels and seals affixed on the container will be removed to enable reprocessing the lot and the Export Inspection agency will issue a rejection letter in the prescribed proforma (Annexure-II).

** If the processor does not agree with the decesion of rejections, if he so desires he may apply for re-examination of the lot. Reexamination will be conducted by drawing the same number of samples prescribed for first inspection.

** The procedure of selection of packages and drawl of samples for the purpose of reexamination would be the same as specified for the first examination.
** If insect infestation is observed during first inspection, the re-examination will be carried out only after fumigation of the lot.
** Only one re-examination will be permitted for the lot.
** Reexamination is permitted only for presence of insect
** No re-examination is permitted in the case of lots meant for export to USA.

Testing of samples in the laboratory :
The samples of black pepper, whole or ground received in the laboratory will be analysed for all relevant characteristics strictly in the order of their receipt barring special circumstances involving urgency.

Certificate of Inspection :
** Export Inspection Agency will issue the inspection certificate after the consignment lot(s) has / have been duly passed, sealed and either stencilled or labelled.
** In the certificates for USA consignments, the numerical code of exporter, lot identification number and the analysis methodology and results will be mentioned.
** The certificate issued will be valid for a period of 45 days from the date of packing of the lot.

** In case due to certain unforeseen circumstances like delay in ship’s calling, loading of cargo etc. the consignments is not shipped within the validity period, as mentioned in para 7.4 above, a maximum of 10 days grace revalidation may be allowed if the Agency is satisfied of the reasons.

** Such grace revalidation may be accorded at the discretion of the Agency and cannot be claimed by exporter on routine basis.
** In case the material covered by the inspection certificate is not shipped within the date of expiry, the consignment will have to be re-inspected after levying necessary inspection fee before a fresh certificate is issued.

Inspection fee :
Subject to a minimum of Rs. 50/- for each consignment, a fee at the rate of 0.4% and 0.2% of the fob value of the consignment shall be paid to the Agency as inspection fee for consignment wise inspection and Inprocess quality control inspection respectively.

** The amount of inspection fee for each consignment payable by the exporter shall be rounded off to the nearest rupees and, for this purpose, where such amount contains a part of a rupee, than if such a part is fifty paise or more, it shall be rounded to one rupee, and if such part is less than fifty paise, it shall be ignored.
** In order to facilitate payment of inspection fees, the exporters, if they so desire, may open a Deposit Account with the Export Inspection Agency for this purpose.

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