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Tamil Nadu Town Panchayats New Water Connection :

Organisation : Directorate of Town Panchayats, Tamil Nadu
Facility Name : Apply For New Water Connection
Applicable State/UT : Tamil Nadu
Website :

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How To Apply For New Water Connection in Tamil Nadu?

As per Section 129 of the TNDM Act, 1920, the Town Panchayat council shall, so far as the funds at its disposal may provide a sufficient supply of water fit for the domestic use of the inhabitants. In Town Panchayats having piped supply of water, the Executive Authority on application by the owner or occupier of any building in accordance with the bylaws, shall arrange to supply water for domestic consumption and use.

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As per section 131 of the Tamil Nadu District Municipalities Act, 1920 the cost of making the connection and the cost of hire of meters shall be borne by the owner or applicant. In a similar way, the Executive Authority can supply water for non-domestic purposes on receiving a written application specifying the purpose for which a supply is required and the quantity likely to be consumed.

i) One has to apply the Town Panchayat in the form prescribed which is to be obtained from the Town Panchayat concerned or download the application form from the website

ii) Filled in forms should be submitted at the Town Panchayat Office on all working days.

iii) Submission of application along with a copy of the property tax receipt paid up to date, Patta in case of Natham or ownership registered document of property.

iv) Citizen have to wait for their turn i.e. seniority.(A seniority list will be prepared after calculating the registration fee and drinking water will be provided within 7 days after payment of deposit and necessary centage charges.)

v)Initial Amount for Water Supply connections which is non refundable will be collected based on the usage of water supply connection in accordance with bye-laws of the Local Bodies.

vi) Payment of centage charges for Water Supply Connection, on intimation from the local body in writing.

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FAQ On Water Charges

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ On Water Charges

What is water charges?
Water charges are the charges levied for supply of domestic and non domestic water provided to any household/commercial establishment.

On what basis, the water charges are levied?
The water charges are levied in accordance with the by-laws framed by the respective Council of Town panchayat.

What is the frequency for payment of water charges?
The water charges are levied on monthly/quarterly/Half yearly/ Anual basis in Town panchayats.

Additional Simplified Procedure

To apply for a Town Panchayat water connection in Tamil Nadu, you can follow these steps:

1. Obtain the application form:
You can download the application form from the official website of the Directorate of Town Panchayats, Tamil Nadu ( You can also obtain the form from the office of the Town Panchayat Executive Officer in your area.

2. Fill out the application form:
Fill out the application form completely and legibly. Make sure to provide all the required information, including your name, address, property details, and contact information.

3. Attach required documents:
Enclose the following documents with your application form:
a. Copy of property ownership documents: This could be a copy of your patta (land record), house tax receipt, or any other document that proves your ownership of the property.
b. Copy of building approval plan: If you have constructed a new building, you will need to attach a copy of the approved building plan.
c. Copy of identity proof: You will need to attach a copy of your valid identity proof, such as your Aadhaar card or voter ID card.
d. Passport size photograph: Attach one passport size photograph of yourself.

4. Submit the application form:
Submit the completed application form along with the required documents to the office of the Town Panchayat Executive Officer in your area.

5. Pay the application fee:
Pay the application fee as prescribed by the Town Panchayat. The fee may vary depending on the type of connection you are applying for.

6. Inspection of the property:
An official from the Town Panchayat will inspect your property to assess the feasibility of providing a water connection.

7. Connection approval:
If your application is approved, you will receive a notice from the Town Panchayat informing you of the approval.

8. Payment of connection charges:
Pay the connection charges as prescribed by the Town Panchayat.

9. Installation of water connection:
Once the connection charges have been paid, the Town Panchayat will install the water connection to your property.

10. Meter installation:
A water meter will be installed to measure your water consumption.

11. Commencement of water supply:
Once the meter is installed, your water supply will commence.

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