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KSRTC New Franchisee Procedure : Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation

Organisation : Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation
Service Name : New Franchisee Procedure
Applicable States/ UTs : Karnataka
Website :
Terms & Conditions :

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KSRTC New Franchisee Procedure

Procedure for appointment of new franchisees at places outside the State of Karnataka

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Eligibility Criteria

1. Applicants should be Indian Nationals.
2. Age : Applicants should have completed 18 years as on the date of submission of application for franchise. One document among the Matriculation or Secondary School Leaving Certificate indicating date of birth, Voters ID card, Passport, Birth Certificate, Aadhar or Driving License (Permanent) shall be produced as proof of age.

3. Residential Status : Residents of Karnataka can apply for all locations. Residents of India belonging to other States can apply for franchise outside the State of Karnataka only. Copy of voter ID card, Driving License, Passport, Aadhar, Insurance Policy, Telephone Bills or Bank passbook shall be furnished as address proof.

4. Applicants shall submit a photo-identity card for ascertaining the identity of the applicant. Copy of voters ID card or Driving License or Passport or Income Tax PAN Card or Aadhar shall be submitted as proof of identity.

5. Married women with change of name after marriage should furnish a copy of the marriage certificate or an affidavit in support of the maiden name and name after marriage.

Appointment Procedure

1. Application is issued FREE of COST and photocopies / scanned / e-mail copies can also be used for submitting the application.

2. While submitting application for TEMPORARY appointment, the applicant shall submit processing charges of Rs.1000/- (Rupees one thousand only), which is non-refundable to the concerned Divisional Controller.

3. The appointment of franchisee for a particular place and location will be on WALK-IN basis subject to the requirement at that place and fulfillment of eligibility criteria.
4. Initially, the appointment will be TEMPORARY for a period of six months.

5. The selected franchisee will have to conduct booking transactions in AWATAR system only.
6. The selected franchisee will be required to remit the prescribed security deposit and he will be eligible for payment of commission as specified for different transactions.

7. Applicants shall submit photocopies of proof of identity, proof of address and proof of age along with the application.
8. Applicant shall produce the original documents in proof of identity, address and age for verification by the Divisional Traffic Officer while submitting the application.

Security Deposit & Payment of Commission

1. The selected Franchisee shall pay the stipulated security deposit and execute the deed of agreement within fifteen days from the date of receipt of appointment intimation. This deposit does not carry any interest.

2. The period of appointment or agreement or contract will be six months for initial appointment as TEMPORARY franchisee and will be two years for subsequent appointment as REGULAR franchisee.
3. Security deposit is Rs.30,000/-(Rupees Thirty thousand only).

4. The period of REGULAR appointment or agreement will be two years. This period may be extended two years at a time subject to the satisfactory performance of the Franchisee. However, the Franchisee will have to deposit additional security deposit of 10% at the time of every renewal.

5. Franchisees booking tickets will be paid commission on the value of tickets booked by them. No commission is payable on reservation fees and other levies so collected. This Commission will be paid once every month (before 10th of next month) or transferred on-line daily in the Awatar system.

6. The cancellation fee collected on cancellation of reserved tickets will also accrue to KSRTC and will be accounted for payment of commission to Franchisee.

Procedure for Booking of Tickets

1. The selected Franchisee shall have his own computer, printer and internet connectivity with adequate speed, bandwidth and hardware/software compatibility to conduct bookings. The hardware/software and other technical specifications will be as specified by the Chief Systems Manager, KSRTC, from time to time.

2. The Internet and the recurring costs shall be borne by the Franchisee himself.
3. KSRTC will train the personnel of the Franchisee for a day or two to understand the working and procedure for bookings and other transactions.

4. Franchisees are allowed to book tickets for regular passengers (fare paying passengers) only. They are not allowed to book tickets for passengers coming under various concessions like Blind Persons, Disabled Persons, Freedom Fighters, Police Motor Warrants, Family Pass to employees, Duty Passes to employees etc.

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