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Organisation : E-Way Bill System
Service Name : SMS Based System
Applicable States/ UTs : All India
Website :
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E-Way Bill SMS Based System

Mobile E-Way Bill is a mobile SMS based generation of e-way bill. This is meant for small tax payers, who may not have IT systems and may not have large number of transactions for e-way bill generation in a day.

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SMS Operations

This can also be used by tax payers to generate e-Way Bill, in emergency cases like night, for urgent movement of transactions. The tax payer has do three activities related to the e-Way Bill system

** Generate the E-Way Bill
** Update the Vehicle details
** Cancel the E-Way Bill

This is a very simple method of e-Way Bill generation. However, the tax payer has to take care of sending the request for e-Way Bill, in proper format and without any mistake during the data entry in mobile. Otherwise, the E-way bill may be generated with wrong information.

To use this method, the tax payer has to register his mobile number, which is going to be used for e-Way Bill generation, on the web portal. The system enables only for that mobile number of the tax payer (GSTIN) to generate e-Way Bill for that GSTIN. This facility is also available for transporter.


To use this service, the tax payer or transporter has to open the e-way bill portal and login using his/her username and password and go to ‘Registration’ menu and ‘for SMS’ option.

Here he/she will be requested to select the user and particulars of user are shown with mobile number. The tax payer/transporter can register maximum 2 mobile numbers for the m-Way Bill purpose.


The system will carry out the following validations before processing the request. In case of failure of validation, the system sends the appropriate error message to the mobile number.
** The system will validate the registered mobile number with the tax payer/transporter before accepting the request.

** The system will validate the correct keyword – EWBG/EWBT for E-way Bill Generate Request ; EWBV for E-Way Bill vehicle update Request ; EWBC for E-Way Bill Cancel Request
** For generation, the system will validate the correctness of codes for Transaction TYPE – OSUP, OEXP, OJOB, OSCD,ORNK,OFOU, OEOF, OLNS, OOTH ISUP, IIMP, ISCD, IJWR, ISLR, IEOF, IOTH

** For generation, the system will verify the GSTIN of the recipient, if 15 chars have been provided.
** For generation, the system will validate the HSN Code with the HSN master codes.
** For generation, the system checks the format of DelPinCode, InvDate, InvNo and Vehicle parameters

Format of SMS Request

EWBG TranType RecGSTIN DelPinCode InvNo InvDate TotalValue HSNCode ApprDist Vehicle (Space should be there between these parameters)

Explanation of Parameters :
** EWBG – e-Way Bill Generate Key Word – It is fixed for generation
** TranType – Transaction Type – Refer to the Code list
** RecGSTIN – Recipient’s GSTIN. If it not there, then URP for ‘UnRegistered Person’
** DelPinCode – PIN Code of Place of Delivery of Goods
** InvNo – Invoice or Bill Number of the document of supplier of goods
** InvDate – Invoice or Bill Date of the document of supplier of goods
** TotalValue – Total Value of goods as per Invoice/Bill document in Rs.
** HSNCode – HSN Code of the first Commodity
** ApprDist – Approximate distance in KMs between consignor and consignee
** Vehicle – Vehicle Number in which the goods is being moved

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