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Organisation : Department of Taxes
Service Name : Frequently Asked Question for Data Migration to GSTN
Applicable States/ UTs : Manipur
Website :
Details :

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FAQ for Data Migration to GSTN

For Enrolment of the Existing Taxpayer on the GST System Portal

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General Information

1. Who is an existing taxpayer?
An existing taxpayer is an entity currently registered under any of the Acts as specified below :
a. Central Excise
b. Service Tax
c. State Sales Tax / VAT (except exclusive liquor dealers if registered under VAT)
d. Entry Tax
e. Luxury Tax
f. Entertainment Tax (except levied by the local bodies)

2. What does the word ‘enrolment’ under GST system portal mean?
Enrolment under GST means validating the data of existing taxpayers and filling up the remaining key fields.

3. Do I need to enroll for GST?
All existing taxpayers registered under any of the Acts as specified in Q1 will be transitioned to GST. Enrolment for GST will ensure smooth transition to GST regime.

The data available with various tax authorities is incomplete and thus fresh enrolment has been planned. Also, this will ensure latest data is available in GST Database without any recourse to amendment process, which is the norm to update the data under tax statutes today.

System Specific Information

1. Which username do I need to provide during first time login. Can I use the same username and password which I used to login as State registrant?
For the first time login, you need to provide username and password that you received from the State VAT/Centre Tax Department. For subsequent login, you need to enter username and password as created by you while enrolling with GST System Portal.

2. What user ID can I choose after first login?
You may choose any user ID of your choice, provided it is available in the database while you are registering.

3. I have not received my username and password to apply for enrolment with GST. What do I do now?
In case you have not received your user name and password, you can contact your jurisdictional State/Centre authorities.

Activities After Appointed Date

1. Can application for enrolment get rejected?
Yes, the application for enrollment with GST System Portal can be rejected in case you have furnished/uploaded wrong or fake or incorrect document with your DSC or E-Sign. However, the applicant will be provided reasonable opportunity of being heard where applicant taxpayer can present his/her viewpoints.

2. Can I make amendments after I submit the enrolment application?
You can make amendments to the enrolment application from appointed date onwards.

3. Can I change mobile no. and email id as given at the time of enrolment?
You can change mobile no. and email id as given at the time of enrolment application after appointed date onwards through amendment process.

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