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Organisation : Odisha Directorate of Employment
Service Name : Check Status
Applicable States/ UTs : Odisha
Website :

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EmpMission Odisha Check Status

Please enter the registration number you have got after Registration.

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** A candidate can know his status of “Reporting”, “Verification” and “counseling” by giving the provided registration number in the specified field and then by clicking the “check” button. If a candidate is reported then the message will show like below figure,

** If a candidate is not reported then the message will show like below figure,
** If a candidate is only reported and verified,then the message will show like below figure.
** If a candidate is reported, verified and counseled then the message will show like below figure.

** After the showing of the approval message, the candidate can show his/her status details, personal details and Admission details. The candidate can also view the notifications if any

Assessing Body

Assessing body are organisations approved by DGET (Directoate of Employment & Training) and they will conduct assessment (Direct Assessment) for candidates trained under Odisha State Employment Mission Program.

For assessment Assessing Bodies first need to get register with this portal, which will facilitate a smooth assessment of the batches assigned.

How to Register

** Click on ‘assessing body’ tab in the home page (last tab below Employment Officers) then click on ‘Register Now’ link which will open a registration form .
** Fill up details as per instruction in registration page(Red * marked are mandatory fields).

** After successful registration ,user will avail with a system generating registration number in the acknowledgement page.
** The generated User ID/Password will be active only after approval of OSEM (If not approved within 2 hours , kindly contact OSEM thru contact details provided under ‘Contact US’ section) .

Log In

** First successful login takes user to a compulsory password change page, where user have to provide a new password conforming the password policy of the website.
** Successful login take user to Dashboard page having menus as per functionality ,your profile and change password tab will be shown .

Batches Received From RDAT

** After receiving mail from RDAT user now confirm batches by submitting the ‘Batch ID & MES code’ under the label Confirmation Code.
** After approval be OSEM user will get details of the batch submitted with some fields for setting date and time for assessment in the predefined testing center .

Assessment Attendance Upload

** Thru this link user will upload scanned Examination hall photo in format specified and attendance sheet in pdf format.
** Successful uploading of above files for a batch,marks the batch as ‘Assessment completed’

Assessment Result Upload

** After successful test completion, results for a particular batch will be uploaded and status will be changed to ‘Result uploaded’ .

Change Password

Clicking on the “Change Password” link, A page will come as shown below, Password pattern
** Old Password : To give the old Password, which was provided earlier.
** New Password : To give New Password as the User give.
** Re-type Password : To type the same password as given previous in new password field

** Password length should be of 8 characters or greater.
** Password should be alpha-numeric.
** At least one character Capital.
** At least one special character like @,$,#,& After successful submission of password change, a successful message will come.

Log Out

Note : It is strongly recommended that, If a user wants to close his profile or, wants to go out of the profile, then click on the “Log out” link for the security reason.
** If a user does not have any interaction with the application window within the 30 mins, then It will automatically log out from the profile.
** If there will be any events like, “Refresh of page”, “Double click on any link” or, “Back Button click” etc, an “Error Page” will come as shown below figure.

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