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Organization : Government of Kerala
Service Name : Life Mission 2020 Online Registration
Applicable States/UT : Kerala
Application Last Date : 14.08.2020
Website :

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Life Mission Kerala Online Registration

The scheme is designed to compile a new list of eligible homeless and landless homeless in the event that some eligible families have left when the first beneficiary list was compiled and there is a growing need to add eligible beneficiaries later.

Eligible beneficiaries who have been left out of the list of beneficiaries of the Life Mission Scheme can submit the application from 1st to 14th August.

Eligibility Criteria

(A) Landless Homeless :
1. consider only those involved in one’s house, considering the orrakutumbamayi the same ration card. Family with ration card before July 1, 2020. Even the person included in that ration card must be homeless. (Not applicable to Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribe / Fishermen)

2. The government / semi / public sector institutions, to avoid sthirajealikkarea members of families in which the pension kaipparrunnavarea from such institutions.

3. The annual income to avoid more than three million households.

4. Gram 25 cents / Municipality / Corporation owned by the five families of the earth be avoided senrilereyea area. (Not applicable to Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribe / Fishermen)

5. upajivanattealil family owned a tool to avoid nilaykkallate nalucakravahanam.
6. owners vastubhagam to olivakkappetentatan bhurahitarayavar case because it is technically own the earth.

7. decayed housing maintenance and vasayeagyamakkan parrattatumaya (manbhitti / kalbhitti, tarppealin, sheet, made of wood and bhittiyullatum, Sheets, and consider the houses in a section of the roof is thatched homes vasayeagyamallattatumaya decayed and Insurance).

If required by the Executive Officer, the Local Self-Government Engineer shall issue a certificate of residency in the house.

B) Landless :
In addition to the above criteria, the following criteria should be considered.
1. Those who do not own land
2. Those who do not have land in the name of family members named in the ration card
3. Those who own less than 3 cents of the total number of family members named on the ration card

How to Register?

Applications can be submitted online on their own, through Local Self Government Led Help Desks or Akshaya Kendras.

Steps :
** You must first register using your mobile number.
** Using a mobile number, a person can register only once and submit only one application.

** For that you need to enter and verify the OTP received on your mobile number. Receiving OTP may be delayed due to traffic congestion on the telecom network at times, so please wait until you receive the OTP message.

** Enter the password and complete the registration process after successfully completing the OTP verification
** Login with registered mobile number and password.
** Please read the eligibility criteria and criteria before submitting your application.

Documents Required

The following documents must be uploaded by the applicant along with the application. Otherwise the application submission will not be completed.

** Ration card
** Aadhaar card
** Caste Certificate (For Scheduled Castes / Scheduled Tribes)
** Income Certificate (Issued by Village Officer)
** Certificates of Privileged Families under the Guidelines mentioned in the Guidelines

** Include the certificate issued by the Village Officer that there is no land in the concerned local body area in the name of the family members included in the ration card and the certificate of the beneficiary that there is no land in the name of the family member in the concerned local government area or other places (in case of landless only)

Distress Factors & Documents To Be Submitted :
1. mental challenges will be the / blind saririkattalarcca the families of the infected family members
Document to be submitted – Medical Board Certificate / Doctor’s Certificate not less than Assistant Surgeon.

2. Beneficiaries of Agathi / Asraya scheme
Document to be submitted – Certificate issued by the CDS Chairperson or Member Secretary.

3. Families with more than 40% disabled members
Document to be submitted – Medical Board Certificate.
4. Heterosexuals
Document to be submitted – Certificate of Doctor not less than Assistant Surgeon.

5. whose critical / hazardous (cancer / heart disease / damage to the breast, kidney dialysis vidheyarakunnavar / stroke, etc.), members of the families of the
Document to be submitted – Certificate of the treating doctor.

6. Unmarried mothers are the head of the family
Document to be submitted – Certificate from the Village Officer.
7. Families who are unable to work and live due to illness or accident
Document to be submitted – Certificate of the treating doctor / Self attested affidavit.

8. The widowed family, families sthiravarumanamillatta members (25 years of age and older and more pariganikkentatilla sons and widows)

Document to be submitted – Death Certificate of the Husband / Certificate of the Village Officer to prove that he is a widow and a self attested affidavit stating that there are no permanent income earners.

9. HIV-infected members and their families.
No need to upload documents. Verification will be done later.

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