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Organization : Finance Department Commissionerate of Treasuries & Accounts Pensioners’ Portal
Facility : New user Registration
Applicable State/UT: Tamil Nadu
Website :

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TN Pensioner New user Registration

The main purpose of this portal is to enhance transparency and make available the relevant details to the pensioners online through a safe and secure process.

How to Register?

Steps :
Step 1 : Visit the official website through provided above.
Step 2 : Click on ‘New User? Register Here’ in the Pensioner Login screen for the first time Registration.

Step 3 : Enter the Prefix, PPO Number, (If PPO Number is A0123654 or followed by any Suffix like A0123654 / EDN , then Prefix -> A and PPO Number -> 0123456 and no need to enter ‘/’ and Suffix value)

Step 4 : Enter either Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY) or PAN Number (10 Digit PAN in Capitals) which is as available in the ePension Database maintained by Treasuries and Accounts Department.

Step 5 : Enter the Mobile number, the password of your choice (Minimum 8 characters and Maximum 20 Characters.

Step 6 : The Password must contain minimum 1 character, 1 numeric value and anyone of the given special characters like # ? ! @ $ _ * ^ & . Example Test_2019@ ) and enter the same password in confirm password.

Step 7 : Enter the code which is displayed as Captcha Image and click on Submit.

Note :
If any of the data viz Prefix, PPO Number, Date of Birth or PAN Number does not match as per the records maintained in ePension Database (OR) Date of Birth or PAN Number is not available in ePension Database, the system will display appropriate error messages. Then the Pensioner is suggested to get in touch with the respective Treasury Office and get the details updated.

Step 8 : Click on Submit and remember the Password and the registered Mobile Number for future purpose.
Step 9 : After the successful registration, Enter the Prefix, PPO Number and the password in the Pensioner login Screen

For example : If PPO Number is A0123654, then Prefix -> A and PPO Number -> 0123456 and enter the Password which is entered at the time of Registration.

Step 10 : Then enter the Text as displayed in the screen and click on ‘Login’. After successful login, you may able to view and verify all the details as shown below.

1. Pensioner Details
2. Nominee Details (If available)
3. Monthly Pension Slip
4. Annual Pension Drawn details
5. ECS Status for all the Pension payment done through Treasury.
6. Commutation Details (If available)
7. Additional Pension (Date of effect of 80 years) and etc.,

Forgot Password

If you forgot the password, remember the mobile number which you entered at the time of Registration and click on ‘Forgot Password’

Enter the details as shown above and click on Submit. The Password will be changed and using the Login option, the Pensioner can login into the system with the new password.

For any queries / Grievances, may please contact concerned Treasury / Sub Treasury for updation / clarifications.

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