KMTWWFB Covid 19 Financial Aid/ Benefit Application 2020 : motorworker.kmtwwfb.kerala.gov.in

Organisation : Kerala Motor Transport Workers’ Welfare Fund Board (KMTWWFB)
Service Name : KMTWWFB Covid 19 Financial Aid/ Benefit Application
Applicable For : Scattered Workers
Applicable States/UTs : Kerala
Website : http://www.kmtwwfb.org/

KMTWWFB Covid 19 Financial Aid

Applications are invited for Covid19 Financial Aid for Scattered Workers.

How To Apply For Covid Benefit Online?

Just follow the simple steps mentioned below to apply for Covid19 Financial Aid online.

Step-1 : Go to the link https://motorworker.kmtwwfb.kerala.gov.in/index.php
Step-2 : Click on “Scattered Workers” link
Step-3 : Fill the Form and
Step-4 : Click on “Submit” button.

How To Check Application Status?

Just follow the simple steps mentioned below to know your Covid19 Financial Aid application status.

Step-1 : Go to the link https://motorworker.kmtwwfb.kerala.gov.in/emp_search.php
Step-2 : Select the ” Search By” option (Aadhaar (or) Receipt Number)
Step-3 : Then enter your Aadhaar (or) Receipt Number and
Step-4: Click on “Submit” button.

Kerala Motor Workers’ Welfare Fund:
In 1985, the Government of Kerala promulgated the Kerala Motor Workers’ Welfare Fund Act to provide for the constitution of a Fund to promote the welfare of private motor transport workers in the State.

It came into force on 27.06.1985. The Kerala Motor Transport Workers’ Welfare Fund Scheme framed under the above Act came into force on 11.07.1985 vide G.O. (Rt.) No. 1036/85/LBR dated 29.06.1985. The Act covers all the motor transport undertakings except those covered under the Employees Provident Fund & Miscellaneous Provisions Act.

Even though the act came into force in 1985 only a limited number of workers joined the scheme till 2005. Many of the employers adopted money-evading practices by exploiting loopholes in the welfare fund act. In order to fulfil the very purpose of the act and to avoid the anomaly the government amended the Act in 2005.

As per the provisions of the amended Act payment of welfare fund has been made a mandatory provision for the acceptance of motor vehicles tax.. The government made such an amendment in order to bring all the motor workers under the shadow of the welfare fund.

As per the provisions of the amended Kerala motor transport workers welfare fund act the government categorized the motor vehicles and fixed the quantum of amount and also fixed the minimum number of workers required for each type of vehicle.

For the administration, to supervise and carryout activities Government has constituted a Board to be called as ‘Kerala Motor Transport Workers’ Welfare Fund Board’ consisting of five official members, five persons each representing the employers and employees. One among them is appointed by the Government as Chairman.

Contact Numbers

TVM 0471-2475773,(M)9188519851
KLM 0474-2741288,(M)9188519852
PTA 0468-2320158,(M)9188519853
ALP 0479-2410568,(M)9188519854
KTM 0481-2585510,(M)9188519855
IDK 0486-2220308,(M)9188519856
EKM 0484-2401632,(M)9188519857
TSR 0487-2446545,(M)9188519866
PKD 0491-2547437,(M)9188519859
MLP 0483-2734941,(M)9188519860
KKD 0495-2767213,(M)9188519861
WYD 0493-6206355,(M)9188519862
KNR 0497-2705197,(M)9188519863
KSD 0467-2205380,(M)9188519864

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