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Organisation : Tripura Government
Facility Name : SPARROW Smart Performance Appraisal Report Recording Online Window
Applicable States/UTs : Tripura
Website : https://sparrow.tripura.gov.in/SPARROW/LoginPage

Tripura SPARROW Service

The name of the application is SPARROW which stands for Smart Performance Appraisal Report Recording Window.

How To Avail Service?

1. You can access the application through your registered NIC email ID and password. The DSC is not required to access the application. For example: If the user’s email ID is abc.xyz@nic.in then his username by which he would be accessing the application would be ‘abc.xyz’. The password for this application would be the same as that of NIC email ID.

2. The Member of Service (MoS) would have to apply for NIC email ID by clicking the link Apply for NIC eMail ID available on the Home Page of the application. Thereafter, a new window would open where the MoS would have to fill in the personal details and submit it.

3.On submission of the details, MoS would receive a reference number on his registered mobile number. Subsequently, he would have to take a printout of the Registration Form already filled in by him and get it signed by the NIC Co-coordinator. Then the MoS will have to again click the same link.

Thereafter, following steps may be followed for applying for NIC-email ID:
** First click on the link “Already Applied”.
** After clicking this link, a new window would open which would ask the MoS to enter the Reference Number sent to his Registered Mobile No. and then he will have to click on upload PDF available on the window.
** Subsequently, the user will receive a One Time Password(OTP) on his registered mobile no. which he would have to feed in the new window having two fields viz., OTP and File Upload.
** After the OTP is entered, the user would click on “File Upload” which will upload the Scanned Copy of his Signed Registration Form.
** Thereafter, he would receive confirmation that his details have been received by NIC and his eMail ID/Password will be sent to his registered mobile number.


Q. When will the PAR be disclosed to me?
Ans. Pr. Secy., GAD or JS (Adm.) would disclose the PAR to the officer by sending it online in his Inbox of application once it gets completed. MoS would also get an alert regarding this on his registered mobile phone and NIC email ID.

Q. How PAR is to be recorded by a political executive in the new system?
Ans. Presently, the political executives are not being issued DSCs and would record their remarks/gradings manually for which the concerned GAD/Adm. Division would take a printout upto the level where it is online, obtain the remarks/grading from political executive and then upload it. Thereafter, the PAR would move online.

Q. How will my Reporting/Reviewing/Accepting Authority record the PAR online in case he is not carrying DSC or he is not able to do so for some other reasons?
Ans. If the Reporting/Reviewing/Accepting Authority is not having DSC or for some other reasons he cannot record the PAR online, the system is having flexibility of having manual PAR. Pr. Secy., GAD/JS(Admn.) has been given the option to take necessary action in this regard if such a situation arises.

Q. How to represent against an adverse entry or lower grades or to submit a memorial?
Ans. In respect of representation/memorial, separate FAQ is being prepared which would be communicated later, though adequate provisions have been incorporated in the software for this purpose.

Q. Can I take a printout of my PAR?
Ans. Yes, the user can take a printout of the PAR as the self-appraisal submitted by him to his Reporting Officer as well as the duly complete PAR sent to him by Pr. Secy./JS(Admn.) for disclosure would remain in the Sent Items and Inbox respectively.

Q. How will I distinguish between my PAR and PAR of my juniors which I would have to assess?
Ans. The application has separate tabs in the inbox of the MoS i.e.

Q. Is it possible to record PAR after 31st December of the year in which the financial year ended?
Ans. No. It would not be possible to record the PAR after 31st December. Moreover, the date on which the PAR is digitally signed would get reflected on the PAR.

Q. What safety measures have been taken to keep the document sacrosanct?
Ans. The application has adequate inbuilt mechanism to ensure that nobody can tamper with the data.

Q. Is there any mechanism for reminding the officer with whom the PAR is pending?
Ans. The application has provision for sending auto alerts to the concerned officer(s) with whom the PAR would be pending beyond the specified time.


Email to: support-sparrow@nic.in or call at Help Desk No: 1800 111 555

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