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ANT Broadband Online Bill Payment :

Organisation : ANT Broadband
Facility Name : Pay Bill Online
Location : Bangalore
Website :

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How To Pay ANT Broadband Bill Online?

You can pay your ANT Broadband regular monthly bill using below steps

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Step-1 : Go to the link
Step-2 : Enter the Account Number (or) Username (or) Mobile Number
Step-3 : Enter the Captcha Code
Step-4 : Click on “Next” button to pay bill online

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Terms & Conditions On ANT Broadband Payment

The Company shall send bills/invoices/statement of charges (collectively the “Invoice”) through electronic media to the Subscriber. The first bill will be sent to the installation address as given in the CRF. The subscriber can subsequently request for a change in the billing address, if required. In case, subscriber has opted for e-copy, then bill will be sent on his registered email id mentioned in SRF. No physical copy of bill be send to such subscribers. Physical bill copy will be available on demand at a nominal charge, as applicable.

The Company reserves the right to raise and /or collect Invoice by itself directly or through any of its nominees, agents or franchisees. The Company represents that irrespective of the agency that raises the Charges in the Invoice, once the Subscriber has paid the Charges, it shall be deemed to have been paid to the Company.

The Subscriber shall pay all Charges to the Company, whether invoiced or not on the Due Date. The Company’s acceptance of payment from a third party other than the Subscriber shall not amount to the Company having contractually assigned, transferred or modified any of the rights or obligations of the Subscriber under this Agreement to any third party.

If Subscriber fails to pay the Charges in accordance with the Agreement, the Company shall be entitled, in addition to any other remedy that it might have under Applicable Law, to do one or more of the following;

Set off /adjust against the Security, any amounts due and payable by the Subscriber to the Company pursuant to the Agreement or any other agreement between the Parties for provision of other telecommunication services.

Charge interest on overdue invoices from the Due Date until payment @ 2 % per month or part thereof. Interest shall continue to accrue notwithstanding expiry or termination of the Agreement for any reason.

Subscriber shall deposit with the Company an interest free, refundable Security in such amount(s) as may be determined by the Company from time to time. The Company reserves the right to forfeit/ adjust/ apply the said Security amount in full or part for the setting off of any Charges, Taxes or such other sums/ debts due from the Subscriber to the Company at any time. Subscriber shall continue to be liable for balance amounts, if any.

In such circumstances the Company shall be entitled to request that the Security be restored either to the original amount or be increased by such amounts or additional amounts as the Company may decide under the circumstances. The refund of the Security shall be subject to deductions/ set off or adjustments, if any, liable to be made by the Company under the provisions of the Agreement.

No Refund:
Except as may be provided in the Agreement, any and all Charges paid by Subscriber shall not be refunded by the Company under any circumstances.

The payment shall be made in such currency as specified in the invoice.

Additional Services:
The Subscriber shall pay the Charges for any additional Service Equipment or other services that it may require for customization or up-gradation of the Service and the Service Equipment and shall also provide such additional Security as the Company may require for the said purpose.

Any such provisioning of customized or upgraded Services for the Subscriber shall not be deemed to constitute as a waiver of the Subscriber’s obligations as per the Agreement for the Services already rendered by the Company. The Parties confirm that the provisions of the Agreement shall continue to be legal, valid and binding as regards any additional services.

Multiple Locations:
Where the Company provides Services and /or Service Equipment at multiple locations of the Subscriber and /or associate, group, subsidiary, holding companies (collectively “Affiliates”) of the Subscriber, then one of the Subscriber accounts must be designated as the “Main Account” under the Agreement and shall accept and undertake all financial responsibility for all the accounts of the Affiliates of Subscriber covered and included under the Service arrangement provided by the Company.

In the event that an Affiliate account of Subscriber fails to pay the applicable Charges, Taxes or any other chargeable amounts then the Main Account shall be liable for all such Charges incurred as a result of Affiliate accounts use of Services and /or Service Equipment..

Suspension/ Reconnection:
Except for circumstances described in clause 8.13 hereunder Subscriber shall remain liable for all applicable Charges during temporary suspension/ discontinuation of Services. Reconnection of the Services shall be at a cost, as decided by the Company from time to time. The Subscriber shall be liable to pay all Charges for reconnection of the Services, as notified by the Company from time to time.

Variation :
The Company shall be entitled to change, vary and modify the Service or Service Equipment which may result in upward revisions in any/ all Tariff and/or Charges, withdraw discounts, increase surcharges, etc. at any time in its sole discretion for one, more or all of its Subscribers.

The Tariff / Charges are based on prevailing regulations, interconnect regime and interconnect arrangements entered into with other telecom & Internet service providers at the time of entering into the Agreement. In case of any change in such arrangements, the Company may impose additional applicable Charges.

Subscriber shall pay all the costs of collection of dues and legal expenses along with interest in case the Company has to refer the matter to a collection agency or to legal recourse to enforce payment.

All Taxes present and future and any other additional Tax/ cess /duty levied by Authorities shall be to the account of Subscriber.


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