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Organisation : Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC)
Facility Name : Apply for National Common Mobility Card NCMC
Applicable State/UT : Delhi
Website :

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How to Apply for National Common Mobility Card?

Just look for this  on your card to check if it’s a NCMC enabled card. All Banks NCMC are accepted in DMRC network/Airport line

** Passenger may get NCMC from DMRC stations at specific NCMC counter or from branches of various Banks issuing RuPay based NCMC

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Service Area creation:
** If the card is being used for the first time, Common Service Area (CSA) needs to be created in the NCMC at the DMRC Customer Care Centre at stations.
** CSA will only be created once. If CSA is already created by any other transit operator, it is not required to create it again.

Add Value :
** Through linked bank account or through cash at DMRC Customer Care Centre.
** Minimum value Rs.200/-
** Thereafter in multiple of Rs.100/-

Benefits :
** Save time
** Avoid standing in queue
** Freedom of choice of originating and destination station.
** Discount :10% discount in Peak hours and 20% discount in non-peak hours.

Validity – As printed on card

Redressal of Public Grievances in DMRC :
Modes of receiving Public Grievance :
e-mail –
24 x 7 helpline – 155370
Social media – Twitter, Facebook & Instagram
Others – Government portals & Letters addressed to DMRC

Acknowledgement :
E-mail complaint – Acknowledgement reply sent immediately
24 x 7 helpline – Complaint number provided

Disposal :
If complaint is forwarded to concerned official comments, an interim reply is given
On receipt of action taken report from concerned official, final reply is given

FAQ on National Common Mobility Card NCMC

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on National Common Mobility Card

What is the NCMC?
The NCMC is an interoperable transport card that can be used to pay for travel on the Delhi Metro, as well as other public transportation systems across India. The NCMC is enabled through the RuPay card mechanism and is issued by partnered banks such as the State Bank of India, Bank of India, and Punjab National Bank.

How can I get an NCMC?
You can get an NCMC from any of the partnered banks. To do this, you will need to provide your personal details and a valid photo ID.

How can I use the NCMC on the Delhi Metro?

To use the NCMC on the Delhi Metro, you simply need to tap it on the fare gate reader when entering and exiting the station.

What are the limitations of using the NCMC on the Delhi Metro?

The NCMC is still a relatively new card, so there are a few limitations to its use on the Delhi Metro. For example, the NCMC cannot be used to purchase monthly passes or season tickets. Additionally, the NCMC cannot be used to pay for parking at all metro stations.

Overall, the NCMC is a convenient and secure way to pay for travel on the Delhi Metro. It is also a step towards a more seamless and integrated public transportation system in India.

How much does it cost to get an NCMC?
The cost of an NCMC varies depending on the bank that issues the card. However, most banks charge a nominal fee for the card.

Can I use my NCMC on other public transportation systems in India?

Yes, the NCMC is interoperable with other public transportation systems in India that have adopted the NCMC.

What happens if I lose my NCMC?

If you lose your NCMC, you can report it to the bank that issued the card. The bank will be able to cancel the card and issue you a new one.

How can I recharge my NCMC?

You can recharge your NCMC at any metro station or at participating banks. You can also recharge your NCMC online or through a mobile app.

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