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CRS Tamil Nadu Download Death Certificate : CRSTN Civil Registration System

Organisation : Civil Registration System CRS Tamil Nadu
Facility Name : Download Death Certificate
Applicable State/UT : Tamil Nadu
Website :

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How to Download Death Certificate CRS?

** Type the CRS web portal URL in the web browsers Google Chrome, Firefox etc.,
** Click the certificate download menu in the home page of the CRS web portal.
** On clicking the above, the options Birth and Death will appear.

** To download the Death certificate, select Death and enter the following details.
** Gender, District, Place of Death and Date of Death
** Enter Mobile number of the applicant and click send OTP
** Enter the OTP received in the above mobile number
** Enter the Number Verification
** Then click view
** The list of Deaths registered on the selected Date and place will appear.
** Public can select the required death certificate and download the same.

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Required Documents for Death Certificate

What type of documents needs to be submitted in case of death which takes place at their residence?
** Address Proof of the deceased- copy of any one of the self attested document (Voter id card, electricity/gas/water/ telephone bill, passport, valid ration card, Aadhaar card, running bank account etc.)

** Aadhaar of the parents and Spouse if available

** The informant (Head of the house/household or nearest relative of the head present in the house or in the absence of any such person, the oldest male person present therein during the said period) to approach the jurisdictional Birth and Death Registrar and provide Information in the prescribed reporting form after verifying the details furnished with due signature in Form 2.

** Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (Form 4 A)if attended by a Medical Practitioner during last illness.
** Any Other supportive documents as required by Birth and Death Registrar concerned.

What type of documents needs to be submitted in case of death taken place at hospital?

** The institutional (hospital) events cannot be reported by the family members. It is duty of the in-charge of the institution to report such events (both in software and in manual Form prescribed) to concerned Birth and Death registrar.
** Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (Form 4) for all institutional deaths.
** It is the responsibility of the individual to provide correct and complete information to the hospital authority for reporting the death by the institution without any mistake.
** The details filled in the reporting form should be shown to the relatives of the deceased and get their signature to avoid correction.
** The hospital authority will report the death to the Jurisdictional Birth and Death Registrar for registration.

What type of documents needs to be submitted in delayed reporting of death for both (Home & Institution)?
Delayed Days Range [>21 days and up to 30 days]:
** Delayed Fee of Rs.100/-
** Information in prescribed proforma (i.e. Form 2).
Delayed Days Range (>30 days and < 1 year):
** Information in prescribed proforma (i.e. Form 2).
** Delayed Fee of Rs.200/-
** Affidavit/Declaration by informant
** Permission from the competent authority as prescribed under 9 (2) of Tamil Nadu Registration of Births and Deaths Rules, 2000.
Delayed by more than 1 year:
** Information in prescribed proforma (i.e. Form 2).
** Non Availability Certificate (Form 10)
** Delayed Fee of Rs.500/-
** Order from the Executive Magistrate not below the rank of Revenue Divisional Officer

Additional Simplified Procedure

To download a death certificate from the CRS portal in Tamil Nadu, you can follow these steps:
1. Go to the CRS portal website and click on the “Death Certificate” tab.
2. Enter the following information:
Death Registration Number (DRN): This is a unique number assigned to each death registration certificate. You can find this number on the death certificate.
District: Select the district where the death occurred from the drop-down menu.
3. Click on the “Search” button.

If your death certificate is available in the CRS database, you will see the following information:
Name: The name of the deceased person.
Date of death: The date of death.
District: The district where the death occurred.
Download certificate: Click on this link to download your death certificate.

If your death certificate is not available in the CRS database, you will see a message that says “No record found.” In this case, you will need to contact the local municipal office where the death occurred to request a copy of your death certificate.

Here are some additional tips for downloading your death certificate from the CRS portal:
** Make sure that you are entering the correct information in the search fields.
** If you are having trouble finding your death certificate, you can contact the CRS customer support team for assistance.
** The CRS portal may be down for maintenance from time to time. If you are unable to access the portal, please try again later.
** Please be aware that you may need to provide additional documentation to obtain a copy of your death certificate, such as a death certificate from another jurisdiction or a letter from a legal representative.

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