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FSSAI Apply for Renewal of License/Registration : Food Safety Compliance System

Organisation : FSSAI Food Safety Compliance System Licensing & Registration
Facility Name : Apply for Renewal of License/Registration
Applicable State/UT : All India
Website :

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How to Apply for Renewal License/Registration FSSAI?

To Apply for Renewal of License/Registration, Follow the steps given below,
Step 1: After logging in, navigate to “Renewal” and select “Apply for renewal of license/registration”.
Step 2: A list of issued license/registration for Renewal will appear. Click on “Proceed” against application which user wants to renew.

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1.) License(s)/Registration Certificate eligible for Renewal shall only be listed 120 Days prior to expiry of License.
2.) License(s)/Registration Certificate shall not get listed here for Renewal once your License(s)/Registration Certificate has expired as of today. In that case submit a new application.

Step 3: User will land on Form B: Application Details page wherein following stages will be in editable/non-editable mode:
** Premises Details: Non-editable.
** Product Selection: Non-editable.
** Communication Details: All sections are editable except registered address.
** Required Documents: Documents which are mandatory can only be uploaded.
** Payment: As per year(s) selected by user.
NOTE: Please note that if renewal of license is applied 90 days prior to expiration then only renewal fees is charged. Post 90 days a fine of Rs.100/day will be charged in addition to renewal fees.

Step 4: After making payment, a receipt will be generated with a new 17-digit registration number which can be used for future reference.
** Below receipt shows renewal of central license for two years with no fine.
** Below receipt shows renewal of state license for two years with fine of Rs. 100/day.
** The total fee adds up to Rs. 5300 with renewal fee for 2 years Rs 4000 and Late fee for 13 days of Rs. 1300.

Through home page:
Step 1: From homepage click on the box “Renewal of License and Registration Fee: Same as new Lic/Reg”.
Step 2: Fill in the License/Registration no, validity end date and captcha code and click on “Submit”.
Step 3: Click on “Proceed”.
Step 4: Form B will open wherein user can upload the documents, select the year(s) for which license is required and choose payment method to move forward with the application.
Step 5: After successfully completing the payment, a receipt will be generated with a 17- digit reference number which can be used for future reference.
Step 6: User can track the status of application through the Homepage i.e.

** Express Renewal Facility has been provided to file renewal application. For replying to the queries raised on the application, you must possess user id and password.
** No change information is allowed during express renewal.
** If you want to change information regarding contact detail and form ix person you need to file renewal application by login into your account.

FAQ on Renewal of License/Registration

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Renewal of License/Registration
How to convert manually issued licenses/ registration to online during the renewal of license?

FBO can approach the Designated Officer [Licensing Authority] or Registering Authority of that area. Designated Officer/ Registering Authority will enter the details of the offline issued license/registration in the FoSCoS portal. Thereafter, the license/registration can be renewed through online process, whenever required.

How can I check my FSSAI license renewal status?

Status of renewal of any License/Registration can be checked in yourFoSCoSaccount by login with user id and password. Another option is to track your application status atFoSCoS portal.

What are the advantages of converting your manually issued license to the online licensing and registration system [FoSCoS]?
FoSCoS portal sends regular alerts to FBOs regarding various compliances through email and SMS. FBOs will be able to track the compliances attached with their licenses/registration from time to time and can avoid penalties if any.

My License/Registration is suspended or cancelled. Do I need to stop food business activities?
On the suspension or cancellation of his/her license or registration, a food business operator needs to stop food business activities immediately. Carrying out any food business activity on suspended or cancelled License/Registration is an unlawful activity and shall attract penal actions under FSS Act, 2006.

My License was cancelled. Can I apply for a fresh License?

After 3 months from the date of cancellation under Regulation 2.1.8 (3), the Food Business Operator may make a fresh application for Registration or license to the concerned authority if all observations made in the improvement notice have been complied with.

Whether NOC from FSSAI is required for export?

No, NOC is not required by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India for exporting food products from India however FSSAI License is required to be taken by the exporter.

What is the fee for modification of license?

If there is any change that alters the information contained in the license certificate (Form C), Food Business Operator shall apply for modification of license with a fee of Rs. 1000 plus the differential fee, equal to the difference in annual license fee, in case of upgradation. No fee is required for modification of non-form C details such as Change in Form IX Nominee (person responsible for complying conditions of license) or any supporting documents.

Repetition of IEC Code of Importer allowed?
An importer cannot submit another application with the same IEC unless he deletes the application (complete or incomplete) or surrenders the license where this particular IEC has been used.

How will I know about the stages/status of my application?

An applicant is informed by SMS/Email alert at many stages of application processing. Moreover, the applicant can obtain the status by using the facility of “Track Application Status” on FoSCoS.

How to renew your license/Registration after expiry?

Food Business Operator can renew the FSSAI License/Registration even after the expiry date with the following penalties: a. Three times the existing annual license/registration fee in the period – 1st day to 90th day from the original expiry date. b. Additional two times of the existing annual license/registration fee (i.e. total 5 times) in the period – 91st day to 180th day from the original expiry date. [Refer FSSAI Order number 15(31)2020/FoSCoS/RCD/FSSAIpt4 dated 29th October, 2021].

What are the online available payment options?

Payment can be made online through credit card, debit card, and online net banking facility.

In what circumstances application will be rejected?

Licensing Officer can reject the application in the case when the required information is not provided within the stipulated time of 30 days or is convinced that the application is not tenable and cannot be granted. Before refusing the grant of a license, an applicant shall be given an opportunity of being heard and reasons for such refusal shall be recorded in writing.

Additional Simplified Procedure

Here are the steps on how to apply for renewal of FSSAI license/registration:
1. Go to the FSSAI website:
2. Click on “Log in Businesses” and login with your existing user ID and password. (Old IDs created in FLRS system can be used here)
3. Click on “Renewal” and select “Apply for renewal of license/registration”.
4. A list of issued license/registration for Renewal will appear. Click on “Proceed” against application which you want to renew.
5. Fill in the details of the renewal application and upload the required documents.
6. Pay the renewal fee.
7. Click on “Submit”.

The required documents for renewal of FSSAI license/registration are:
** Copy of the current FSSAI license/registration certificate
** Proof of identity of the applicant
** Proof of address of the applicant
** Proof of ownership of the premises where the food business is being operated
** Latest trade license
** Latest municipal tax receipt
** Latest electricity bill
** Latest water bill
** Self-declaration form

The renewal fee for FSSAI license/registration is as follows:
** For a state license, it is Rs. 2000 per year.
** For a central license, it is Rs. 4000 per year.

The renewal process takes about 15 days. The renewed license/registration certificate will be sent to the applicant by post.

Here are some important things to note:
** The renewal application must be submitted at least 30 days before the expiry of the current license/registration certificate.
** The renewal fee is non-refundable.
** If the renewal application is not submitted on time, the applicant will be liable to pay a late fee of Rs. 100 per day.

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