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Organisation : Kerala PWD Public Works Department
Facility Name : Rent Fixation Certificate From
Applicable State/UT : Kerala
Website :

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How to apply for Rent Fixation certificate from Kerala PWD?

To Apply for Rent Fixation certificate from Kerala PWD Follow the steps given below,
1) In the address bar of any internet browser, type the web address of PWD Services Portal and then press enter key.

2) Click on the Apply Button on the above page and then the below page will be displayed

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3) If you don’t have a userid and password for the PWD Services Portal, you need to first register with the portal and obtain a userid and password. For this click the Register Button on the above page and then the following page would be displayed.

4) In the above screen, give your mobile number, e-mail id and then type the captcha text and then press the register button. Then an OTP would be send to the given mobile number and activation link would be send to the given e-mail id.

5) Click on the activation link in the e-mail and then you will get a page to type the OTP received in your mobile. After submitting the OTP and upon verification, if correct, the system would display a message that, you are successfully registered with your login id. An email would also be send to you use this userid and password. You may use this userid and password. Login to the PWD Services Portal.

6) Login to the portal using your userid and password and a page as below will be displayed after successful login

7) To create a new application for Rent Fixation, click on the Apply for services menu on the left side of the above screen
8) On the Rent Fixation card, click the link “Click here to Apply”. Then a new application for Rent Fixation is created as shown below
9) Click on the radio button of the new application to select it and then click the Apply button at the bottom of the page
10) Then the draft application form with a Draft Id will be displayed as below(if a draft application is already created for this service, then a message will be displayed at the top to complete and submit that draft application)

11) The relevant details are to be filled in the order first Appendix Part-1, then Part-2, then other details and finally upload the scanned copies of required documents

12) The following may be noted in this regard
a. While filling details in the form for each Appendix, a provision is provided to save the details filled. Please use the Save button only after properly filling all required details. When the Save button is clicked, the system will verify the details filled and if any error is there, the same will be displayed at the top part of the Form in light red highlight colour. Correct the relevant details.

If there is no error in the Appendix, a message showing “Appendix __ Saved successfully” will be displayed in light green highlight colour at the top. All data entered in an Appendix would be lost if preceded to next Appendix/section without saving.

b. Scanned soft copies of all certificates and documents shall be uploaded in the “Upload Document” Section. If nay document is missing, the application will not be submitted

c. After filling and Saving Appendix-1, Appendix-2, Other Details and Upload Documents, then only the application is ready for submission to PWD Departmental Officer. Verify all entries once again and if ok, then press the Forward button on the left bottom portion of the screen to submit the application to PWD.

d. Once the application is submitted, a message will be displayed in this regard. The application will be submitted to the Office of the Executive Engineer, Buildings Wing of the district in which the rent fixation building is located.

13) Once an application is saved in draft or submitted to department, the details can be obtained from the Home screen dashboard in the user login as below
When an application is in draft, it can be taken from the DRAFT by clicking on the Number
When an application is submitted, it can be taken from the SENT box by clicking on the count
When a application is returned from the Department, the same can be taken from INBOX,
When Certificate is issued by PWD, it can be taken from ISSUED DOCUMENTS

FAQ on Rent Fixation certificate

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Rent Fixation certificate from Kerala PWD

What is a Rent Fixation certificate?
A Rent Fixation certificate is a document issued by the Kerala PWD that specifies the amount of rent that is payable for a particular property. The certificate is based on the market value of the property and the terms of the lease agreement.

Who can apply for a Rent Fixation certificate?
Any person who is a tenant or landlord of a property in Kerala can apply for a Rent Fixation certificate.

What are the documents required for a Rent Fixation certificate?

The required documents for a Rent Fixation certificate are:
** Copy of the lease agreement
** Proof of ownership of the property
** Proof of identity of the applicant
** Proof of address of the applicant
** Municipal tax receipt
** Electricity bill
** Water bill

What is the processing time for a Rent Fixation certificate?
The processing time for a Rent Fixation certificate is 30 days.

How can I track the status of my Rent Fixation certificate application?
You can track the status of your Rent Fixation certificate application by logging in to the PWD Services Portal and clicking on the “My Applications” tab.

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