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Delhi Police Clearance Certificate PCC Confirmation/ Status :

Organisation : Delhi Police
Facility Name : Police Clearance Certificate PCC Confirmation/ Status
Applicable State/UT : Delhi
Website :

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How to Know PCC Confirmation/ Status?

To Know PCC Confirmation/ Status Follow the steps given below,
1) Enter PCC NO
2) Enter Name
3) Enter S/o, D/o , W/o or Guardian Name
4) Click on “Search” Button

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FAQ on Police Clearance Certificate PCC

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Police Clearance Certificate PCC
Question:- Can I apply for more than one PCC?
Answer:- Yes, Individual can apply for another PCC once he receives the previous PCC and an organization can apply for next PCC once payment of the previous PCC has been done successfully.

Question:- How can I apply again PCC with same login ID?
Answer:- Yes, you can login again with your existing PCC ID and go to Add applicant option given under your photograph as shown in the previous PCC application form and fill all the details for obtaining PCC.

Question:- How can I get the PCC for back stay period in Delhi?
Answer:- The applicant who requires PCC for Back Stay period can apply online on our website.

Question:- I am residing in Delhi NCR, Can I get my PCC on line from Delhi Police Website?
Answer:- No, you may obtain your PCC from the local Police office of your area where you are residing.

Question:- I have not received my PCC on my Email and how can I download PCC. How an organization/firm/company and Embassy can check/received/download/ authentication/ status of the issued PCC?
Answer:- If you have not received your PCC on your Email ID you can download your PCC from Delhi Police website where you have registered/login yourself at the time of filling up the PCC application form with one year download facility from the date of apply.
A separate option “PCC Confirmation/Authentication/Status” online for individual/firm/ company/embassy has been given in the PCC Login Portal to check the confirmation/ authentication/status of the PCC by filling the required details of PCC in relevant columns at their end with one year download facility from the date of apply.

Question:- I have forgot my Password; how can I check the status of my PCC?
Answer:- A retrieve option has been given in the website, you can use the retrieve option and regenerate your new password. As this office has no provision/system to provide the forget password to the applicant.

Question:- What is the validity of the issued PCC?
Answer:- There is no date of validity is fixed for issued PCC. It depends on requiring agencies, as and when the requiring agencies required the PCC, the applicant may apply afresh, as the issued PCC contained the information/criminal history of an individual of his past period not for his upcoming period.

Question:- I have paid my fee/charges and my PCC status is pending/issued/reject. Fee will be refunded to me?
Answer:- No, there is no provision to refund the fee once paid for PCC through online, if PCC No. is generated/process of PCC completed/PCC status is pending/ issued/reject to an applicant fee cannot be refunded.

Question:- I am in receipt of PCC with electronic signature of the competent authority. Whether it is applicable or there is no need of manual stamp or signature on the issued PCC?
Answer:- Yes. Issued PCC generated online and hence there is no need to affix any stamp or signature of the competent authority on the issued PCC manually.

If any requiring agency/embassy wants authenticity/confirmation of the issued PCC they can check directly by clicking on a separate option “PCC Confirmation/Status” given in the PCC Portal by filling the required details of PCC in relevant columns at their end with one year download facility from the date of apply.

Besides, they may check/compare the information/documents submitted/uploaded by the applicant to the authority/embassy concerned. If any discrepancies is found necessary action as deemed fit may also be taken against the applicant at their own end.

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