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Organisation : National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal NCRP
Facility Name : Track your Complaint Status
Applicable For : Indian Citizens
Applicable State/UT : All India
Website :

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How to Track your Complaint Status?

To Track your Complaint Status National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal Follow the steps given below,
1) Go to the official website i.e.
3) Enter Acknowledgement No.
4) Get OTP in your Mobile Number
5) Enter OTP
6) Click Submit Button

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FAQ on Cyber Crime Complaint Status

Frequently Asked Questions Cyber Crime Complaint Status
What is the purpose of National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal?
This portal is an initiative of Government of India to facilitate victims/ complainants to report cyber crime complaints online.

This portal caters all types of cyber crime complaints including complaints pertaining to online Child Pornography (CP), Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) or sexually explicit content such as Rape/Gang Rape (CP/RGR) content and other cyber crimes such as mobile crimes, online and social media crimes, online financial frauds, ransomware, hacking, cryptocurrency crimes and online cyber trafficking.

The portal also provides an option of reporting an anonymous complaint for reporting online Child Pornography (CP) or sexually explicit content such as Rape/Gang Rape (RGR) content.

What is CSAM?

Child Sexually Abusive Material (CSAM) refers to material containing sexual image in any form, of a child who is abused or sexually exploited. Section 67 (B) of IT Act states that “it is punishable for publishing or transmitting of material depicting children in sexually explicit act, etc. in electronic form”.

Apart from this portal, are there any alternative ways to remove objectionable content from social media websites?
Yes, most of the social media website like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram etc. have the option of reporting or flagging the objectionable contents. The social media platforms may take appropriate action based on the contents reported to them as per their content policy.

Which State/ UT shall I select while reporting a complaint?
In case of filing a complaint under “Report Crime related to Women/ Child” section by using “Report Anonymously” option, the victims’ location/ State/ UT where the incident has happened should be selected. If it is a report pertaining to website hosting Child Pornography/ Rape or Gang Rape (CP/RGR) content, complainant may select his/her current State/ UT of resident.

As a responsible citizen kindly use “Report and Track” option for reporting the crime, since it would help the Law enforcement agencies to contact you for providing further details.

How can I file the complaints about other cybercrimes?

In case of other cybercrimes, you can opt for “Report Other Cybercrimes” section. You are required to register yourself using your name and valid Indian mobile number. You will receive a One Time Password (OTP) on your mobile number. The OTP remains valid for 30 minutes only. Once you successfully register your mobile number on the portal, you will be able to report the complaint by selecting appropriate category and sub- category.

Under this section, fields marked with a red asterisk (*) are mandatory. It is important that the police authorities receive accurate and complete information related to the complaint. Therefore, you should provide required information such as your name, phone number, email address, details of the complaint and necessary information supporting the complaint.

What action will be taken if complainant reports any false complaint/information?
Providing false information could make complainant liable to penal action as per the Indian Penal Code.

Can I report a complaint without uploading any information?

It is recommended that you provide as much information about the complaint as possible so that the police authorities working on the complaint are able to take appropriate and prompt action.

What happens once I report a complaint?

The complaints reported on the portal shall be handled by the concerned State/UT police authorities based on your selection of State/ UT while reporting the complaint.

Will I be informed that my complaint has been submitted successfully?

Yes, once your complaint is submitted, you will receive a confirmation message in the portal itself. In case, you have filed a complaint through “Report and Track” option or “Report Other Cybercrime” section available on the portal, you will receive a SMS and an e-mail with a complaint reference number on your registered mobile number and e-mail id.

Can I check the status of my complaint?

You will be able to check status of your complaint if you have reported the complaint using “Report and Track” option or “Report Other Cybercrime” section available on the portal. The complainant will receive a acknowledgement number which can be used to track the progress of the complaint by logging on the portal and clicking on “check status” option.

Can I withdraw my complaint from the portal?

A complaint filed under REPORT WOMEN/ CHILD RELATED CRIME section cannot be withdrawn. Complaint filed under REPORT CYBER CRIME section can be withdrawn before it is converted into FIR.

What is Hash value and what is its purpose?

Hash value is an alpha- numeric value of a fixed length that uniquely identifies data (e.g. 0800fc577294c34e0b28ad2839435945). Hash value acts as a unique fingerprint/ number to a digital file you upload as evidence in the portal (e.g. Images, Videos, Documents etc.,). The hash value that you receive will ensure the integrity of digital evidence uploaded on the portal.

Additional Simplified Procedure

To track the status of your cyber crime complaint, you can follow these steps:
1. Check with the cyber crime police station where you filed the complaint. You can visit the police station in person or call them on the phone.
2. Check the cyber crime police station’s website. Some cyber crime police stations have websites where you can track the status of your complaint online.
3. Use the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal (NCRP). The NCRP is a central portal where you can report cyber crime and track the status of your complaint.

To track the status of your complaint on the NCRP, you can follow these steps:
1. Go to the NCRP website
2. Click on “Track Complaint Status”.
3. Enter your complaint number and click on “Submit”.

You will then be able to see the status of your complaint.
The status may be one of the following
Pending : Your complaint is still being investigated.
Under Investigation : Your complaint is under investigation by the cyber crime police.
Completed : Your complaint has been completed.
Rejected : Your complaint has been rejected.

If you have any questions about the status of your complaint, you can contact the NCRP helpline at 155260.

Here are some additional tips for tracking the status of your cyber crime complaint:
* * Make sure that you are using the correct complaint number.
** Check your spelling and grammar carefully when entering your complaint number.
** If you are still having trouble tracking the status of your complaint, you can contact the cyber crime police station or the NCRP helpline for assistance.

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