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Apply for NIO/ PCC Police Clearance Certificate Kerala :

Organisation : Kerala Police
Facility Name : Apply for Certificate of Non-Involvement in Offences (NIO Certificate)/Police Clearance Certificates (PCC)
Applicable State/UT : Kerala
Website :

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How to Apply for NIO/ PCC Police Clearance Certificate Kerala?

To Apply for Certificate of Non-Involvement in Offences (NIO Certificate)/Police Clearance Certificates (PCC) Follow the steps given below,

Based on the department Circular-15/2022/PHQ, Dated 13/05/2022 the Clearance Certificates issued by the Police Department under section 59 of the Kerala Police Act, 2011 is renamed as Certificate of Non-Involvement in Offences (NIO Certificate) in place of Police Clearance Certificates (PCC). Such certificates shall be issued for job/other purposes within the country.

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The application for the issuance of Certificate of Non-involvement in Offences can be submitted either online or offline.

Online :
The application for the certificate can be submitted at the office of the respective District Police Office or Police Station through THUNA ( website or Mobile app of Kerala Police viz. Pol-APP. Then the application will be received at Citizen Module of iCoPS application in the concerned PS or DPO.

The application can be directly submitted at the office of the respective District Police Office or Police Station as specified in the above Circular. The submitted application will be entered in the iCoPS application by the concerned office. Further enquiry and approval process will be done through the iCoPS application only.

Acknowledgement Receipt will be issued for each application either online or offline based on the mode of application.

Details to be provided :
1. Personal details
2. Contact Details
3. Identification details
4. Enter present and permanent address. If both permanent and present addresses are outside Kerala, then enter the last stay details of the applicant in Kerala.
5. Provide the details of contact/authorized person, if the applicant is not physically available for verification in the given address.
6. If the applicants have any criminal record or any criminal proceedings against him/her or family in any part of the country, then add the details in affidavit.
7. Details of requirement of the Certificate of Non-involvement in Offences.

Documents to be uploaded / attached :
The application form should be accompanied by the following documents:
1. Photograph: Photograph of the applicant

2. Proof of Address : Any one of the following:
i. Ration Card
ii. Voters ID
iii. SSLC Book
iv. Aadhar Card
v. Passport

3. Proof of Identity: Any one of these documents:
i. Identity card issued by the State Govt. or Central Govt. Institution.
ii. Aadhar Card
iii. Voters ID
iv. Driving License
v. Passport

4. Copy of letter/document showing the requirement of Certificate for Non-involvement in Offences (like the copy of advertisement, request from firm etc.)

Fees to be remitted :
1. The fee for the certificate will be Rs.610/- subject to the Orders issued by Govt. of Kerala from time to time.

2. Applications submitted through THUNA/Pol-APP (online) have to submit the payment through online mode only. All the advanced online payment facilities are available in THUNA and Pol- APP.

3. In case of direct application submission (offline) at PS/Police Office, the applicant has to remit the fees at the Treasury and submit the Challan to the PS/ Office, or the fee can be collected at PS/Police Office through TR 5. The details of Challan or TR 5 can be entered in the iCoPS.

Issuance of certificate :
1. On receipt of the application with relevant documents, the concerned officer will conduct verification and issue certificate or rejection document, after verifying applicant identity and antecedents.

2. If the application is rejected, the rejection notice will be issued through online or offline is specified in the above Circular.

3. The certificates being issued either online or offline will be imprinted with QR code and photograph of the applicant. By scanning the QR code, the authenticity of the certificate can be verified by anyone.

4. The DPCs / SHOs shall issue the certificate within Seven days of receipt of the application in normal circumstances.

FAQ on Kerala Police

Frequently Asked Questions on Kerala Police
How do I get a crime case registered?
Please go to the nearest police station and inform the police orally or with a written complaint about the occurrence of a crime.

Can the police refuse to register a crime case?

The police cannot refuse to register an FIR if case a cognizable offence is made out. This is so even if the offence falls under a different jurisdiction. The police will have to register an FIR and transfer it to the respective police station.

Whether the complainant has to sign the FIR?

Yes, the person giving information relating to the commission of a cognizable offence has to sign the FIR as per section 154(1) CrPC.

Whether a copy of the FIR, registered on my complaint be provided to me?

Yes, a copy of the FIR shall be provided to the informant free of cost as per section 154(2) CrPC. Alternatively, one can download the FIR copy from Kerala Police website by using the E-FIR option.

Other than FIR, do I have to put signature in a statement recorded by the police during investigation of the case?
The witness statements recorded by the Police as part of investigation need not be signed by the witness concerned as prescribed by the provisions under section 162 CrPC.

Whether police can summon a lady/girl/child to the police station?

Section 160 CrPC authorizes a police officer making an investigation to require the attendance before himself of any person, who appears to be acquainted with the circumstance of the case. However, no male under 15 years of age or no women of any age shall be asked to attend at any place other than the place in which such male or woman resides.

Whether I have to make any payment for reporting or filing a case?

No payment is required to be made for filing a complaint or case with the police.

How can I join police?

A person can join Kerala police in the following ways:
All the posts in Kerala Police are filled up through recruitment conducted by the Kerala Public Service Commission.

Can I send a compliant by email?

Yes, a complaint can be given to the police through email. The details of contact are given in the concerned district website under the menu contacts.

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