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Organisation : Sikkim Education Department
Facility Name : Education Management & Monitoring Information System (EMMIS)
Applicable State/UT : Sikkim
Website :

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What is Sikkim EMMIS System?

Developed under the Aspirational District Scheme under the NITI Ayog, the Education Monitoring & Management Information System (EMMIS)is an unparalleled online system driven platform for monitoring and managing the quality of Education in the State of Sikkim. The system inherits numerous pre-existing modules such as Sikkim Edutech, SAMs, and School GIS to comprehend the online learning ecosystem in the District, alongside developed with new modules such as SQEM & RTS it helps in meeting the blazing demands of changing education system.

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How To Register At Sikkim EMMIS System?

To register for Sikkim Education Management & Monitoring Information System (EMMIS), Follow the below steps.

Step 1 School Registration Process
** The registration of schools (Private & Govt.) can only be initiated at the District Level, i.e., through Education Department.
** Therefore, in order to register your schools into EMMIS Application, the school authorities are required to send basic information of their schools to the Department.

Basic Details required for school registration process are as follows:
** School Name
** School UDISE Code
** Establishment Year
** Address
** District
** Management (whether Pvt, State Govt., Central Govt., etc.)
** Whether a CRC or not? (CRC – Cluster Resource Center)

Note: On providing basic details to the Department, your school shall be registered into the EMMIS Application.

Step 2 – School User Registration:
** Once the school is registered into EMMIS, the second step will be to create users for the concerned schools.
** Generally, there shall be two users for each school. School Admin (HM, School head & Principal) and School Data entry Operators.
** The school Admin are usually the key authorities of their concerned schools in EMMIS Application.
** They are entitled with the task of managing, monitoring and verifying the authenticity of data in regards to their school’s portal in EMMIS Application.
** Whereas, the School Data Entry Operators are the ICT/ IT faculty of respective schools entrusted with the task of entering data and managing the issues & queries aroused in their school’s EMMIS Portal.
** On identifying the users from respective schools. A basic detail regarding school admin & school data entry operators should be sent to the Department for completing the school user’s registration.

Basic detail required for school user registration process are as follows:
** First Name
** Last Name
** User Role (Whether School Admin/ Operator)
** School Name
** Email (School’s own email for School Admin & Personal Email for Data Entry Operator)
** Contact Number

On providing Basic details of users to the Department. Schools Users shall be registered into EMMIS Application.

Step 3 – School Users Authentication (through Verification Link):
** On successful registration of School Users. A verification link along with default password will be sent to user’s email address (i.e., to the emails provided by school users during registration process).
** In your preferred email app such as Gmail, Yahoo etc., search for a mail received from NETSPEQ in your mail-inbox list.

The mail you will receive shall be similar to the image as shown below:
** Now, to complete your user authentication process, click on the verification link as shown above.
** On successful authentication, you will receive a successful authentication message on the screen. As shown in the image below.
** Now, you can access into your school dashboard by logging into EMMIS Application.

Step 4 – School Users Login:
** To login, head towards your preferred internet browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc., and search for the url:
** On successful operation, a login window for EMMIS Application shall open up as shown below:
** Now, enter your email address or mobile number along with default password sent to your mail from Netspeq.
** After entering all the login credentials, enter the captcha-code and then click on sign-in.
** On successful login, a user (School Admin/ Data Entry Operator) shall be redirected towards their respective school’s dashboard. Exceptional Step – During Unsuccessful Authentication
** In some cases users may face unsuccessful authentication message while verifying their account. As shown in the image below
** The issue usually occurs due to confirmation link expiry. Since authentication link are active only for 24. Therefore incase of delay, sometimes users may receive a message as shown above.
** The issue can be resolved by heading towards EMMIS web-portal i.e., by going to “”
** An EMMIS login page shall appear as shown in the figure-5 above.
** Now, enter your concerned email address (School email for School Admin & personal email for Data Entry Operator) and default password sent to you at your email.
** Once you do that, a new confirmation link shall be sent to your email. As shown in the
** Now, follow the steps outlined in step-3 and step-4 above.

Hence, we successfully complete the registration process for schools and schools users.


Samagra Shiksha
Education Department
Gangtok, Sikkim-737101

Email : sikkimhrdd[at]gmail[dot]com

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