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Organisation : Haryana Parivar Pehchan Authority
Facility Name : Income Certificate
Applicable State/UT : Haryana
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How To Apply For Income Certificate in Haryana?

The verified information linked with PPN available in Family Information Data Repository (FIDR) has now made it feasible to issue Income Certificates across the counter through SARAL portal. The Income Certificate shall be issued to eligible residents of Haryana based on PPN through the SARAL portal (, facsimile signed by ADC-cum-DCRIO (Additional Deputy Commissioner cum District Citizen Resources Information Officer).

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These certificates will be issued on the basis of verified data on income contained in FIDR. The Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for issuance of Income Certificate along with the format of the Certificate shall be issued by the Citizen Resources Information Department.

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Person who is entitled to obtain Income Certificate:
A person who is a resident of State of Haryana shall be entitled to obtain Income Certificate on provision of PPN and having income verified in FIDR.

Authorities competent to verify the income:
The Local Committees (LC) established as per instructions of the Government vide Memo No. PS/PSCRID/2020 dated 05.01.2021 will now be competent to verify the income of person/family who is resident of State of Haryana.

Competent Authorities for Issuance of Income Certificate:
Income certificates shall be issued on provision of PPN through SARAL portal ( to eligible residents of Haryana by ADC-cum-DCRIO (Additional Deputy Commissioner -cum- District Citizen Resources Information Officer) under his jurisdiction through his facsimile signature on the certificate.

Online Service for verification of Income based on PPN:
The Local Committees (LC) established as per instructions of the Government vide Memo No. Residents seeking to verify their income in PPN may visit ( portal. Once the request for verification of income is made by the resident on this portal, designated LC will verify and mark the same as verified in the FIDR for the resident.

Validity of an Income Certificate:
a) An Income Certificate once issued (in its standard format) shall be valid for the current financial year with respect to date of issue.
b) An Income Certificate may become invalid if after due process, it has been concluded that the income was incorrectly mentioned on the certificate or wrongly verified in the FIDR, due to any reason whatsoever.

HPPA Grievance Redressal & Correction Process

a) The Income Certificate is usable without any restriction wherever it is accepted (i.e., subject to the criteria laid down by the entity accepting the certificate) and hence no usage/applicability restrictions shall be mentioned on the certificate.

b) From the effective date of this order, only the Income Certificates issued through SARAL portal in the format prescribed by the Citizen Resources Information Department, based on PPN and corresponding verified data contained in the FIDR, shall be valid Income certificates.

c) An Income Certificate obtained by means of any fraud, misrepresentation, or concealment of facts or by some other illegal means shall be declared as invalid and the benefit availed by the candidate/applicant shall be withdrawn and legal action including criminal proceedings will be initiated against the applicant for misrepresenting the facts and playing fraud, as well as against the officials/authorized persons for incorrect/ wrong verification by collusion or otherwise. In such an event, the income shall be marked as NOT VERIFIED in the FIDR.

d) Mere issuance of an Income certificate does not entitle a person holding such certificate to any benefit that may be admissible under various Government Schemes implemented from time to time. Hence, it is important that the authority concerned examines the applicant’s entitlement to any specific benefit in accordance with the instructions on the subject at any given point of time. Other eligibility criteria for a particular scheme shall be addressed separately by the authority extending any such benefit.

e) All Haryana Government organisations (including Departments, Educational Institutions, Boards, Corporations and Societies) are required to accept the Income Certificate in its standard format prescribed by the Citizen Resources Information Department from time to time.

Additional Simplified Procedure

Here’s how you can apply for an HPPA Income Certificate in Haryana:

** You must be a resident of Haryana.
** You must have a Parivar Pehchan Patra (PPN) number.
** Your income information must be verified in the Family Identification Database (FIDR).

Method 1: Online through SARAL Portal:
** Visit the SARAL portal:
** Log in using your PPN number.
** Go to the “Citizen Services” section.
** Select “Income Certificate.”
** Enter the required details and upload any necessary documents.
** Submit the application and pay the fee (if applicable).
** Once your income is verified, the certificate will be digitally signed and available for download on the portal.

Method 2: Offline through SARAL Kendra:
** Visit your nearest SARAL Kendra.
** Inform the staff that you want to apply for an income certificate.
** Carry your PPN number and any other required documents.
** The staff will help you fill out the application form and submit it.
** Once your income is verified, the certificate will be issued to you on the spot.

Additional Information:
** The income certificate is valid for the current financial year, till March 31st.
** You can find more information about the process and fees on the HPPA website:

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