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On Point Express Courier Tracking :

Organisation : On Point Express
Facility Name : Courier Tracking
Applicable State/UT : All India
Website :

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How To Track On Point Express Courier?

To track on Point Express Courier, Follow the below steps

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Step-1 : Go to the link
Step-2 : Enter your AWB Number. Track multiple shipments. Separated by a comma (,)
Step-3 : Click On Track Button

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On Point Express Refund & Cancellation Policy

This SOP outlines the process for handling refund requests for courier charges made by clients of On Point Express LLP LLP. LLP
** Initiation of Refund Request: Clients must inform their designated Client Relation Manager at On Point Express LLP LLP LLP with a valid reason for the refund request. The refund process is available on the On Point Express LLP LLP LLP web portal.
** Processing of Refund: Upon receiving the refund request, the On Point Express LLP LLP LLP team will initiate the refund process.
** Analysis of Refund Claim: The Operations and Accounts teams will collaborate with the account manager to thoroughly analyze the refund claim within seven business days.
** Finalization of Refund: Once the analysis is complete and a decision is reached, the information regarding the refund will be communicated to the client through a suitable network.
** Settlement of Refund: Refunds will only be settled through valid instruments such as UPI bank transfer or Credit note by reversing the GST.
** Communication of Rejection: A detailed and reasonable reply will be submitted to the client if a refund request needs to be approved.
** Assignment of Unique Number: Each refund case will be assigned a unique number for future correspondence and tracking purposes.
** Documentation: All details about the refund request, analysis, decision, and communication will be documented appropriately for record-keeping and audit purposes.
** Escalation Procedure:In case of any disputes or escalations regarding the refund process, the matter will be escalated to higher authorities within On Point Express LLP LLP LLP for resolution.
** Continuous Improvement: On Point, Express LLP is committed to continually improving its refund process based on feedback and lessons learned from past experiences.
** Compliance:This SOP ensures compliance with relevant regulations and company policies regarding refund processes.
** Review and Revision: This SOP will be periodically reviewed and revised to ensure its effectiveness and alignment with the company’s objectives.
** Jurisdiction: The process shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts in Jaipur only.

On Point Express Terms & Conditions

** Quoted charges are inclusive of 18% GST.
** The chargeable weight would be volumetric or actual weight, whichever is higher (Air/ Rush mode: LxBxH/ 5000 | LITE/ Surface mode: LxBxH/ 4000).
** The maximum liability for forward shipping is ₹5000/- or invoice value, whichever is lower.
** The maximum liability for reverse shipping is ₹ 2000/- or 50% of the invoice value, whichever is lower.
** No Claim would be made about glassware, fragile products, Concealed damage and improper packaging.
** Manual label penalty is ₹500/- per shipment.
** Billing disputes must be escalated within 5 days from the invoice date.
** Weight dispute due to incorrect weight declaration cannot be claimed.

On Point Express Contact

Email: courier [AT]
Phone no: 0141 2742280

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