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Organisation : Indian Railways
Facility Name : Track Railway Parcel Online
Applicable State/UT : All Over India
Website :

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How To Track Railway Parcel Online?

To track Railway Parcel online, Follow the below steps

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Step-1 : Go to the link given above
Step-2 : Solve the Simple Mathematical Question (eg. 80+ Eighty One=?)
Step-3 : Enter your PRR Number and
Step-4 : Click On “Track Now” Button

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FAQ On Railway Parcel

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ On Railway Parcel

Q1) How can I book parcel through railways?
You can approach the Chief Parcel Supervisor of the concerned Railway station from where you want to book the parcel

Q2) In which trains is parcel booking allowed?
Parcel booking is normally allowed in all passenger trains. Besides there are a number of Parcel Special trains also comprising only of Parcel Vans, whose details are available on the Railways website.

Q3) How should I pack my parcels?
All parcels must be securely packed in boxes, trunks, strong baskets or strong gunny, etc., so as to withstand the strain of handling and transferring incidental to their transportation by rail. For certain commodities special packing conditions have been prescribed in the I. R. C. A. Coaching Tariff.

Q4) What are the parcel charges over railways?
Parcel rates vary with the class of train and are categorised into P-scale, R-scale and S-scale. The parcel rates table, indication of the weight/ dimensions and distance are given in the I. R. C. A. Coaching Tariff which is available on the Railway website.

Q5) How can I keep a track of my parcel?
Progressive Reference Record (PRR) number mentioned in Parcel Way Bill(PWB)/Luggage Ticket(LT) given to the consignor at the time of booking can be quoted to check the status of the consignment.

Q6) How will I know when the parcel has arrived at the destination?
Parcel arrival details can be checked through the running status of the train through which the parcel has been loaded.

Q7) Is there any time limit within which the parcel has to be collected?
Yes, there is a time limit specified within which the consignee has to collect parcel so as to avoid paying wharfage charges.

Q8) What are the documents needed at the time of booking?
You have to execute a document known as ‘Forwarding Note’ duly furnishing details of the consignments to be booked as well as details of the consignor and consignee. Besides this, an undertaking in the prescribed format shall be furnished stating that e-way bill will be generated and produced before taking delivery. However, if value of the consignment is less than Rs. 50,000/-, an undertaking to this effect shall be given by the consignor.

Q9) What is the time limit for booking of parcel?
Parcels can be booked upto 4 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the trains from that particular station.

Q10) Will the Railways book my parcel even if there is no direct train to the destination station?
Normally, parcel is booked in direct train to the destination.

Q11) What articles are prohibited for carriage as parcel?
Commodities listed in Red Tariff, offensive, contraband, dangerous, explosive, inflammables, etc. are prohibited for carriage as parcel.

Q12) What documents are required at the time of taking delivery?
Parcel Way Bill (PWB)/ Luggage Ticket (LT) given to the consignor at the time of booking of the parcel alongwith e-way bill (if applicable) as specified in SN.9 above, are required before taking delivery at the destination.

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