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Air India Express Shipment Tracking :

Organisation : Air India Express Limited
Facility Name : Track Your Shipment
Applicable State/UT : All India
Website :

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How To Track Air India Express Shipment Online?

To Track Air India Express Shipment Online, Follow the below steps

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Step-1 : Go to the link
Step-2 : Enter your AWB number
Step-3 : Click On Arrow Button

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Services Offered By Air India Express

Got something that needs to move? No worries! We’re not just about flying people! From everyday essentials to out-of-this-world oddities, we offer safe and on-time delivery of shipments across destinations.

General Cargo:
Send cargo anywhere with our reliable, transparent, and efficient air transportation services under general cargo services. General cargo includes documents, samples, consolidations, ready-made garments, auto parts, machine parts, fabric, personal effects, household goods, footwear, carpets and much more.

Valuable Cargo:
We provide maximum security for valuable commodities such as currencies, jewellery, and gemstones from check-in through to final delivery at the destination. Specially developed boxes, highly secure storage areas, and constant surveillance guarantees the highest level of security for your valuables.

Human Remains:
Rest assured, the remains of your loved ones will be treated with dignity and respect and given the highest priority with our human remains cargo service.

Dangerous Goods:
Having expertise in handling dangerous goods including chemicals, explosives, flammable materials, or any substance that pose a risk to aircraft, passengers, or crew, we always ensure safety while transporting dangerous goods.

Wet Cargo:
Shipments containing liquids or items that may ooze liquids by nature and which are not subject to the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations are classified as ‘wet cargo’. Special handling is required to prevent or to contain spillage of any liquids inside the aircraft. This is because the danger of spillage or leakage during air carriage could lead to corrosion or damage to the aircraft structure, components, or another load. Please refer to the latest edition of IATA Live Animal Regulations for more details.

At Air India Express, we understand the criticality of delivering life-saving medicines and medical supplies safe and secure at the right time. Having a dedicated team of experts and advanced temperature-controlled facilities, we ensure that your pharmaceutical cargo reaches the destination in optimal condition.

Perishable Goods:
We handle perishables such as seafood, meat, dairy, fruits, and vegetables with extra care. The temperature and storage facilities are handled by professionally trained staff to ensure that perishables reach you in the best condition.

Vulnerable Cargo:
Vulnerable items receive infinite care when transported by us. Mobile phones, camcorders or semi-precious goods are handled by trained cargo personnel to ensure safe movement in the network. We provide secure storage areas, high security measures, and 24-hour monitoring for items that fit this description.

Air India Express Contact

24×7 Support : 080-46662222 080-67662222

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