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Organization : Government of Goa
Scheme Name : Dayanand Bandodkar Scheme For Orphans Higher Education
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Dayanand Bandodkar Scheme :

1. Objective :
The basic purpose of formulating Dayanand Bandodkar Scheme for Higher Education is to support the educational needs of the children who are orphaned of both parents i.e. father and mother and are deprived of higher education for want of financial resources.

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The Scheme envisages to take care of such children from their Undergraduate Course to the Post Graduate Course in the areas of General Education and Technical Education.

The Scheme will be operated by the Directorate of Higher Education for the students pursuing courses of General Education and by the Directorate of Technical Education for the students pursuing Technical education.

2. Details of the Scheme :
The beneficiaries under the Scheme shall be entitled to receive full waiver of the fees paid by the beneficiary in the Institutions where they have sought the admissions.

The concerned Institution shall process the applications of all such beneficiaries and sanction the fee waiver to them right at the time of admission itself.

The Institutions shall announce this scheme through their prospectus as well as popularize it by adequate means within the concerned Institutions. The beneficiary shall fill in the form placed at Annexure-A.

3. Eligibility for providing fee-waiver :
a) Any student seeking fee waiver under the Scheme should have been born in Goa or a resident of Goa for at least last fifteen (15) years.
b) He/She must have passed his/her qualifying examination from any of the Institutions located in Goa.

*Note : In order to establish residence eligibility the applicant is required to attach previous school certificates where he/she studied in Goa continuously for a period of 10 years.

In case there is any break in study he/she is required to produce residence certificate from the Mamlatdar of the break period.

4. Commencement of the Scheme :
The Scheme shall come into operation from academic year 2012-13. Those of the students who are enrolled for First Year of their Degree/PG Courses are entitled to the benefits under the Scheme

5. Amount of fee waiver :
The amount of fee waiver provided to the eligible students shall consist of Tuition fees, Library fees, Laboratory fees and Development fees, if any plus other charges payable to Institution like Lodging /Boarding, Food(Hostel charges) or Transport, etc.

6. Application Procedure :
Applications under the Scheme shall be submitted in the format attached at Annexure ‘A’ at the time of admissions.

The Scheme would be managed by the Directorate of Higher Education for undergraduate and PG Courses of General Education and by Directorate of Technical Education for the courses of Technical Education.

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