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Organisation : Integrated Financial Management System
Facility : Check GRN Status & Challan
Applicable For : West Bengal
Website :;jsessionid=rr8rH-PktgdBKtolK9sOVmwS3cMM6qg7WqLaEEYyO1J8wrW9S_8r!-67556749
Search Here :

GRN Status :

1. Enter Govt. Reference No (GRN)
2. Click on the Check Status button

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Search Challan :
Search your challan details with any of the options mentioned below
** Search Challan With GRN
** Search Challan With Identification No
** Search Challan With Trade/Applicant/Company Name
** Search Challan With Bank Name,Amount and Challan Fill up Date

Search with GRN :
1. Enter GRN
2. Click on the Search button

Search With Identification No :
1. Enter Identification No*
2. Select Date(Challan Fill up Date)*
3. Click on the Search button

Search With Trade Name :
1. Select Department/Directorate*
2. Enter Trade/Applicant/Establishment Name *
3. Select Date(Challan Fill up Date)*
4. Click on the Search button

Search With BankName,Amount and Challan Fill up date :
1. Select Department/Directorate*
2. Select Bank Name*
3. Enter Total Amount*
4. Select Date(Challan Fill up Date)*

About Us :
The Finance Department, Government of West Bengal is responsible for management of finances of the State Government.

It is concerned with all economic and financial matters affecting the State as a whole including mobilisation of resources and allocation of resources for infrastructural development, social welfare, human development and administrative purposes.

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The major functions and activities of the Finance Department are budgeting and preparation of the Annual Financial Statement, approval of schemes pertaining to various Departments, monitoring of expenditure, facilitating collection of taxes through the Directorates under its administrative control, administration of Treasuries, Institutional Finance and internal audit of Government Departments.

FAQs :
1. What is IFMS
IFMS means Integrated Financial Management System. It’s a complete application software package to capture each and every financial transaction that takes place in the West Bengal government offices throughout the State.

It is divided in different modules. The modules are e-bantan, CTS, CBMS, e-Billing, e-Pradhan, GRIPS, WFACS, and HRMS.

2. Why IFMS
To ensure
** Transparency
** Complete removal of documentation and reconciliation error
** Better speed, quality and authenticity of public service
** Real time MIS reports and Dashboards

** Prevention of fraudulent and erroneous transaction
** Efficiency of control mechanism
** Satisfy e-Governance initiative
** Provides Govt. to Govt. and Govt. to Customer Services
** Facilitated with SMS and e-mail notification

3. Whether all the modules are operational now ?
No, only e-bantan module is operational currently.

4. What is the purpose of e-bantan module?
This is the module through which budget allocations are distributed to Sub-allotting officers (Controlling Officers) and ultimately to DDOs in the form of allotments.

5. What is the role of DDO in this module?
DDO is playing the role of a recipient in this module. DDO does not make any allotment. He can only view the allotments that he receives from different authorities through e-bantan.

6. Who can issue allotment through e-bantan?
Only Sub-allotting officers (Controlling Officers) can issue allotment through e-bantan.
7. What are minimum requirement to be logged into e-bantan?
The minimum requirements are an administrative login & password.

8. What are the different levels of Administrative hierarchy?
The different levels are
** Department
** HoD ( Directorate, Commissioner ate)
** RO ( regional level)
** District level
** Sub-division level
** Block level

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