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Organisation : Commissionerate of School Education
Service Name : DCR Digital Classroom Monitoring Mobile App
Applicable States/ UTs : Andhra Pradesh
Website :
Details :

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CSE AP DCR Monitoring Mobile App

To capture the infrastructure of a digital classroom.

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** When you open the app you will find the below shown screen
** Enter School Code in the place of User name and Password in the place of password. After that Click the Login Button

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Home Page

** You will be directed to the following screen, where data you have entered will be verified.
** After clicking the login button the data of that particular School will be downloaded from the server and visible on the screen.

On the same screen you will find two buttons to capture photos such as :
1. Click to capture Donor Plank
2. Click to capture DCR Equipment.
** If you would like to add more photos then click the “more” text which is available below the “Click to capture DCR Equipment” button.

** When you click more you will get two additional buttons. If you require then two more pictures can be taken OR you can click on the LESS button to capture only the earlier two pictures.

** When you click on the “click to capture Donor Plank” button then camera will open. Take a photo according to the name of the button.
** After taking the photos click the submit button.
** You will be then directed to the screen as shown below. Now click “YES” button.
** Once the pictures are uploaded successfully, you will get the following message.

Update DCR Offline Usage Data

** Click on USky Smart classroom icon. You will get User Login window. Then follow the below steps.
1. Select Teacher radio button.
2. Enter User Name as : superadmin
3. Enter Password as : superadmin
4. Click Login button
You will get the following Administrator window

In Administrator window there are 4 buttons available.
1. Update Data
2. Update Data Offline
3. Setup Database
4. Connection Settings
5. Back Up Database

Update Data

** Click on Update Data button. Now you will get the following screen.
** Click on Update Now button. It will update all offline data to the online server. It requires the Internet connection to Update. If you don’t have the Internet connection, click on the Update Data Offline button from the Administrator window.

** Select the folder where you want to save the offline generated data file and click OK button. This file is in xml format. Select that xml file and mail it to support [AT] mail.

School Games Federation

School Games Federation of Andhra Pradesh envisions providing a robust, vibrant and holistic physical education & school sports activity that will engender excellence in school sports sector in Andhra Pradesh.

Federation commits itself to provide quality physical education to promote healthy competition, social and cultural vivacity amongst athletes. S.G.F.A.P. is also committed to develop the character & personality amongst the school athletes.

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