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Organisation : Department of Rural Development
Service Name : YSR Pension Kanuka Application Status
Applicable State : Andhra Pradesh
Website :

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AP YSR Pension Kanuka Application Status

Kindly follow the below steps to know your Pension Kanuka Application Status.

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How to Check?

Steps :
Step 1 : Visit the official website of Department of Rural Development, Andhra Pradesh.
Step 2 : Next, click on the “Search” button in the menu bar.

Step 3 : Select Search option – Pension ID/ Grievance ID

Step 4 : If you select Pension Id, then enter the following details,
** Enter Your Pension ID (OR) [11111]
** Enter Your Ration Card No(OR)
** Enter Your SADAREM ID
** Select Your District [Nellore]
** Select Your Mandal [Nellore]
** Select Your Panchayat [Mulumudi]
** Select Your Habitation [Mulumudi]

Step 5 : If you Select Grievance ID, then enter the following detailsto know your status,
** Enter Your Grievance ID (OR) [123456]
** Enter Your Ration Card No
** Select Your District [Nellore]

Step 6 : Finally click on “Go” button

Note : District selection is mandatory to search on Pension ID/ AADHAAR Card No/ Ration Card No/ SADAREM ID

Types of Pensions

1. Old Age Pension
2. Weavers Pension
3. Widow Pension
4. Disabled Pension
5. Toddy Tappers
6. ART Pension
7. Transgender Pension
8. Fisherman Pension
9. Single Women Pension
10.CKDU Pension
11.Traditional Cobblers Pension
12.Dappu Artists Pension

Sanction Procedure for New Pensions

Selection of Pensioners :
The eligible list will be uploaded by the MPDO/Municipal Commssioner logins to DRDA for sanction.

Eligibility Criteria for determination of BPL households :
The fundamental criterion to get eligibility for pension being the Below Poverty Line (BPL) status, Government have decided to examine the following factors for inclusion and exclusion of pensions for effective implementation of the scheme

Priority shall be given to :
** ST households particularly PVTG Households in Agency areas
** SC households

** Practicing Artisans (Weavers, Toddy Tappers, Barbers, Washer men,Potters, Blacksmith, Carpenter, Cobbler, Animal herder, Village Artistes etc) and other Back ward Classes

** Daily labourers (Daily wage labourers, Agricultural Labourers, Migrated labourers)
** Nomadic Tribes having no permanent residence
** Households with destitute/orphans
** Households with Disabled
** Households of Manual Scavengers
** Other poor Households

Exclusion factors :
** State/Central Government and PSU Employees
** Government employee pensioners (including PSU, Central Govt etc)
** Income tax payers

** Land owners having more than 2.5 Acres of wet and 5 Acres Dry or both wet and dry together more than 5 Acres (except ST in scheduled areas in ITDAs)

** Outsourced Employees
** Private salaried (monthly salaried)
** Owner of car
** Freedom Fighter pension holders

Pension Amount

The benefit under each pension for OAP, Single Women, Weavers, Widow, Fisherman, Toddy Tappers, PLHIV (ART Pensions), Traditional Cobblers will be Rs.2250/- per month and for Disabled, Transgender, Dappu Artists pensions will be Rs.3000/- per month. CKDU pensions will be Rs.10000/- per month. The enhanced scale of pension came into effect from June, 2019 payable from 1st July, 2019 onwards.

Contact Us :
Society For Elimination Of Rural Poverty
2nd floor,
Dr.N.T.R. Administrative Block,
Pandit Nehru RTC Bus Complex,
Andhra Pradesh – 520001

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