SKOU ODCVS Online Degree Certification Verification System

Organisation : SKOU Swami Kartikeyan Vedic Vishwavidyalaya
Facility Name : Online Degree Certification Verification System (ODCVS)
Applicable For : Students
Website : http://www.skou.in/OnlineVerification.aspx

SKOU Degree Certification Verification

The Online Degree Certificate Verification System (ODCVS), an Online certificate verification service allows you to verify certification status of the Swami Kartikeyan Online Vishwavidyalaya (SKVV) graduates.

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The Service Is Available For:
** Employers
** Placement Consultancies
** Institutions (Colleges, Universities)
** Other similar organizations
** Embassy of any country
** Individual
** Student of SKVV

** The Online Degree Certificate Verification System (ODCVS) can be used to verify certification details of the student.
** The details will be useful to verify with the applications made by the students for employment purpose or admissions into the higher studies.
** The data presented here is based on the official records of the Vishwavidyalaya .

How To Register For ODCVS?

1. Choose a username for your organization and Register for ODCVS by providing some basic information. The registration is required only once and the same username and password can be used for certificate verification service anytime and from anywhere through web.
2. On successful registration you will be emailed the username, password and activation link to access ODCVS.
3. Click on the activation link in the mail to activate your OCVS account. Once your account is activated you can use the Online Certificate Verification Service.
4. Logon with your username and password to check certificates by entering the enrollment numbers printed on the certificates.
5. The details of the certificate as per the Vishwavidyalaya records are displayed like the name of the student, enrollment number, the program and the pass out year.
6. Please note that in case you do not find the information online, please contact the Controller of Examination, SKVV.

Service Agreement

By registering to the Online Degree Certificate Verification Service (ODCVS) you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this service Agreement.

1. The information provided to you is based on your representation that the information will be used for the legitimate purpose of verifying the degree/provisional certificate

2. You certify and agree that you, or the company/institution/Vishwavidyalaya you represent, have a legal release from the subject of your inquiry and that you will not use this information for commercial and other purposes including but not limited to the purposes prohibited by law, Marketing, Database building, etc.

3. It is understood and agreed that the information is for the internal use only within your firm or the organization/institution you are authorized to represent. You hereby agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless credentials from and against any and all claims, liabilities, damages, costs and expenses arising out of or related to any claims or actions brought against credentials as a result of any unauthorized, unlawful or improper use of the information provided to you.

4. All information provided here should be held in strict confidence and should not be reproduced, revealed, transmitted or made accessible in whole or in part, in any manner, to any other entity.

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