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Organisation : Assam Directorate of Secondary Education
Facility Name : Apply For Medical Reimbursement
Applicable State/UT : Assam
Website :

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How To Apply For Medical Reimbursement in Assam?

To apply for medical reimbursement, the applicant should submit the proposal for claim with 45 days. While submitting medical reimbursement proposal, the following information along with formats should be submitted.

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Checklist of Assam Medical Reimbursement

** Minutes of the meeting / Check List of the District Level Admissibility Board (seal & signature of the Members alongwith Admissible amount by name of incumbent concerned is mandatory to furnish along with the Admissibility Report)
** Admissibility Report from the Jt. Director of Health Services (concerned district).
** Authorized Medical Attendants recommendation (if applicable).
** Referral Medical Board’s Certificate
** Essentiality Certificate.
** Discharge Summary/Certificate.
** Records of Hospital.
** Certificate from the Hospital authority.
** Final bill / Bill summary issued by the Hospital authority.
** Attested copy of Bank Pass Book.
** Attested copy of G.P.F./C.P.F. Statement.
** Attested copy of Pension Payment Order.
** Death Certificate (if applicable).
** Birth Certificate (if applicable).
** Legal Heir Certificate (if applicable).
** Original bills/vouchers etc.
** Leave order for the treatment period (if applicable).
** A self declaration / undertaking of no claim from other sources.
** Dependant certificate from concerned authority (if applicable).
** Physical Verification Certificate of concerned D.D.O.

Additional Simplified Procedure

The process for applying for medical reimbursement in Assam can vary depending on who you are and what scheme you’re covered under. Here’s a breakdown of some common scenarios:

Government Employees:
State Government Employees:
** Visit the “Personnel” section of the Assam government website ( for an overview of the process and required documents.
** Specific details and application forms might be available on the website of your department. For example, the Directorate of Secondary Education has its own page (
** The reimbursement process usually involves submitting bills, certificates, and other documents to your department’s designated authority.

Central Government Employees:
Refer to the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) website ( for their specific reimbursement procedures.

Non-Government Employees:
Private sector employees:
Check with your employer’s human resources department to see if they offer any medical reimbursement scheme. The process and eligibility criteria will vary depending on the company’s policy.

Individual citizens:
Assam has various government health insurance schemes like Aarogya Bima and Arogya Nidhi. Check their respective websites or contact the concerned authorities for eligibility and application details.

General Resources:
** The National Health Mission (NHM) Assam website ( offers some general information on medical reimbursement.
** You can also reach out to the Health and Family Welfare Department of Assam or your local district health office for further guidance.

Important Tips:
** Make sure you understand the eligibility criteria and covered expenses for your specific scheme before applying.
** Keep all necessary documents like bills, receipts, and medical certificates organized and readily available.
** Submit your application within the stipulated timeframe to avoid delays.

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