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Organisation : Assam Directorate of Secondary Education
Facility Name : Apply For Leave Travel Concession (LTC)
Applicable State/UT : Assam
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How To Apply For Leave Travel Concession in Assam?

** L.T.C. to any place in India shall be given to an employee after completion of 10 (Ten) years of service once during the entire period of service.

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** Reimbursement of actual travelling expenses shall be made subject to maximum of entitlement on journey by train irrespective of made of actual travel.
** The definition of family for the purposes of L.T.C. shall also include dependent parents. The definition of dependency is linked with the minimum family pension for all purposes.
** Accordingly, all parents whose total income from all sources is less than the minimum family pension prescribed and dearness relief thereon would be included in the definition of family for this purpose. Class.

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The entitlement of journey by train as per Grade of employees shall be as follows:

Grade Sr. Grade Grade-I Grade-II Sleeper Class Sleeper Class
Train Entitlement 1st Class/ Executive Class AC 2 Tire AC 3 Tire Sleeper Class Sleeper Class

** The outward journey should be completed within 60 (Sixty) days from the date of drawl of the advance. Final T.A. bill should be submitted within 15 (Fifteen) days after completion of the journey.
** The concerned Govt. servant should produce the tickets within 10 days of the drawl of advance. The balance amount should be disbursed on production of the tickets after completion of journey.
** While disbursing the balance of permissible amount on production of the ticket the disbursing officer should stamp ‘LTC’ pre-eminently on the reverse of the tickets.
** If the journey cannot be performed within stipulated period, the entire amount should be refunded immediately.
** On the working day immediately preceding the date of departure on LTC the employees concerned will meet the controlling officer. The controlling officer shall handover the Annexure-A with his seal & signature to the employee.
** The employee on the arrival at his destination shall duly filled up the Annexure- A and send it from his destination by Register Post to the controlling officer.
** On return the claimant will produce the postal receipt of the registered letter to the controlling officer as a token of having visited the declared place along with copies of confirm tickets for both journey
** The controlling officer will attach the Annexure-A and the postal receipt with the final T.A. bill and presenting the same to the higher authority.
** Attested copies of Service Book, Non-availing certificate (Undertaking) from the controlling authority and attested copies of age prove certificate of all family members are required along with the LTC Form.

** LTC is only for travel within India.
** You must complete the outward journey within 60 days from receiving the advance.
** Submit your final T.A. bill within 15 days after completing the journey.
** Reimbursement is subject to maximum entitlement for train travel based on your grade.

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